Church Mice spreading the gospel

:24: I get it! Haha.

Cheeses Christ you got it

:24::24::24: You’re cracking me up, lol.

Mexican mice :wtf: :24:

I get it.



Cant even avoid the Jehovahs if you’re a bloody mouse! :D:surrender

Jehovahs Witnesses used to knock at my door many times. The govt here banned them

Your government did also ban chewing gum though. :smiley:

LOL, looks like the rest of the world only associate us with the banning of chewings gums. Chewing gums had to be banned cuz some poeple spit the gums along the MRT doorways thus jamming the doors and stalling trains

Actually, I think your ban on Jehovahs Witnesses and chewing gum makes you the best country ever! :D:thumbup

Strict laws here. Nevermind the restrictions. One of the safest cities especially for Americans who fear alot when they travel abroad:sarcasm

Americans never feel safe unless they can carry a concealed gun! :smiley:

Have gun will travel