:mad dammit, my ciniminis fell out of the box in the car this morning. they were my whole reason for getting up early. they were all hairy and my car floor has to qualify as one of the dirtiest floors around, but i paid $2.16 for those things.

i ate them. i figure i might as well do disgusting food stuff now while i’m young. people will look at me funny when i’m 30 because i’m supposed to know better.

any doctors on the board that can entertain me with scary illnesses i can get from eating ciniminis off the floor?

Well you’ll prolly get the bird flu.

And you added to the global warming crisis.

just so long as i didn’t spread AIDS in africa.

Not yet, but you may have started a SARS outbreak in China.

And god knows how many Mad Cows you Diseased

And you probably funded terrorism. Way to go.

Dirty ciniminis= sars

So tonight I ate a piece of bread that was about 1/4 mold. I didn’t realize til after I ate it and looked at the next piece. I damn near threw up. Don’t play video games and snack at the same time!!! I hope I don’t get any of these diseases…

think of it as fighting overpopulation

Oh, that’s lovely…

ha ha

free rep for everyone who posted above me. this thread totally made me lol. Nice use of wit and humor guys. lol.

Bows You think thats cool? You should see me touch myself…

wOw … I totally was about to break my diet and go score a snack … right up until I read this thread.

lol thank you

a good deed has been done


No, seriously. I ate moldy bread :slight_smile:

Yeah. I Listerined for like 20 minutes and considered purging myself, Olsen twin style.

:24: Olsen style!

Hahaha, at least it wasn’t a reference to me.