City jumper


damn bridge in level 5… 12 lives and i still couldnt get over it!


i cant get past the hill on level 13, i think it is too high to be able to be jumped over. if anyone gets to 14, post how…


I got to level 16 when I tested it from the place where it came from :smiley:


ps: that game just got own.t


lol. yeah i say it did. can you share how you got over that thing in level 13. im about to toss my computer off my balcony again.


just gotta jump at the right time, earlier than you’d think. my score definately isn’t gonna last long at lv 30, Im pretty sure it will be beat by a few people.

PS: Gyroball was just updated to a better, cleaner, nicer version that scores alittle bit higher.