Clearasil wipes

deep cleaning action…feels like someones got a blow torch on your face

anyone tried them?

No i use the spot and blackhead stuff but not the wipes

they’re torture…but they get the crap out


They suck! I have used them because my sister wont let me use her cream and it only takes the blackheads away. Not the other stuff!

i’ve been using them lately because i’ve been operating the hako floor scrubber alot…when this is emptied its the foulest smelling black sewer water you’ve ever came across…well when hosing out you get splash backs

i haven’t used those since I was in high school.

Runs into a corner and vomits

I use the cream cleanser… the wipes are way too harsh for my skin!

so you’re delicate?..tell me more;)

LOL… I have very sensitive skin. Alot of lotions and potions are too abrasive for me to use. I can’t use anything with a scent, any crazy concoctions, or anything else that hurts me :frowning: