Climate change, what will you do (individually)


It is very plausible we will go over the 4 degree (celcius) limit on global warming, which would basically lead to virtually irreversable climate change that will rewrite the geography and weather patterns of the entire planet. By virtually every kind of projection huge swathes of currently populated land will be uninhabitable or unable to support their current populations.

So, what do?

Well basically the northern lattitude countries will actually benefit from this, you see the warmer temperatures makes what are cold areas much more liveable and even habitable, in terms of housing with the current population you need the space of about the size of texas (this assumes everyone has a house as well), although its less if you build compact high rise megacities (like hong kong).

literally entire nations will vanish due to climate change and we can expect most of europe more then likely fleeing to russia (due to the now vast amount of previously uninhabitable land that is now useable there).

By the way here is a relative size of russia, its more then enough to support billions and i mean billions of people.

This is one of many projections and its definitely gonna be inaccurate comapred to when the shit hits the fan by about 2050 but its relatively realistic to what we can expect, canada will basically be the new USA, russia will be the world hegemon and most of the world will have no people living there,

So? You gonna go to canada, Antartica (i wonder how many wars will be fought over this area of land) or russia?
Irelands full go away :wink:


I’d move to the Argentine South (Patagonia) if the cost of living wasn’t much higher there. It’s no small territory, about the size of France.


Move to New Zealand. It’s close to Australia.


Bet nobody guessed that.


No ice in Iceland by then.


Most likely Canada


Iceland will be one of the mega city spots, the geothermal energy being advantageous


You don’t want to be the first antartican?


stay in yorkshire




town i live in has about 15 pubs, or i can go into halifax next to me and go to cheap nightclubs with 75p jagers

it’s the only place to come during the climate change apocalypse


There is no way to predict what I will need to individually do since it will greatly depend on geopolitical outcomes. In my view the chances of Canada remaining an independent territory is minuscule when the writing is on the wall, Americans are reacting to the tens of millions of refugees coming from down south, and the global status quo begins to shut down. We’ve got the men, the hardware, and the militaristic culture for it.


First of all, why would I? And second, there are permanent bases in antarctica which can be called small villages, so it’s not like nobody lives there. It looks like a whole different planet, though.


Did anyone think about the moon or at least trying to save the world from it’s upcoming mass global extinction. Well if global warming is not slowing down and humans are not trying to save it, I would move onto the moon right before the great big floods and stuff and come back for a good new life on earth again.


PS: You can patch the ozone holes in antarctica and many other place using carbon. When a carbon atom started dividing itself and manged to form the very first cell during the time when there was no ozone layer, the cells reacted with the sun’s UV rays and created sugar and another bi product we know as oxygen which slowly turned into ozone molecules which then came together and created the ozone layer which kept the sun’s UV rays away from earth.