Coca-cola or pepsi?


im a fan of coke, i been drinking it since i was a we little boy, pepsi is real sweet.

what do you prefer?




pepsi by far. coke taste kinda plain to me


damn double post




I prefer teh Coca~Cola. Pepsi tastes a little too sweet, almost flat to me. I like the way Coke burns when it goes down especially when its on the verge of being frozen. Mmmmm, me thinks I’ll have a Coke now. :smiley:


I like pepsi to drink more but coke is better with the alcohol


dr. pepper is the best with alcohol. jack and doc


Since we,re talking about mixing drinks, has anyone here ever tried Crown and Mt.Dew? Crown and Coke is mah fave. when I heard about the dew I thought :barf but its ok if you like teh sweet drinks.


rum n rootbeer is good too


beer, but if it must be one of those two I’ll take a coke


I tend to go in cycles about every 3 years. Now I’m on a Coke cycle, but it’s been a few years, so I’ll probably like Pepsi more in a couple of months. :dunno


I used to love coke and hate pepsi, but that’s because my parents made me drink caffiene free stuff.

Then I started drinking normal coke, then pepsi…and i really don’t like coke anymore.

But I’ll take a Dr Pepper over both.


I much more prefer to drink Coke any day. The weird thing is, is that my Dad works at Pepsi and I cannot stand it.


try snorting pepsi it isnt fun… thats why coke > it.


I got a friend that snorted saw dust for $10 once


I know a guy that snorted baked clay for free. he chopped it up and snorted it one day in art class.


we both know people with issues


lol I also know a guy who ate a pig tongue in biology.

He went to the bathroom and gagged himself to throw it back up. haha


I know a kid that brought pictures of him eating monkey brains in some country