Cocaine Energy Drink

So I just read about this today on wikipedia, and I want to get some. It’s suppose to be 350% stronger than Red Bull. I can’t seem to find it anywhere though. Anybody know anything about it?

I’ve heard about it for a while I think the only way to get it is to have it shipped to you

Coca cola in the old days used to have cocaine in it!:eek

yeah i heard about the awhile ago, i think i had a thread on it…it’s crazy that they are trying to get kids to get this kind of stuff.

Yeah I was gonna buy one off the Internet but it was like 9 bucks after shipping.

well good, i hope that they would make the prices highter so they can’t be bought.

I think so too, most places won’t stock it due to the name.

Hey Alex if I get some you want one

Hellz yeah.

can i snort it up my nose?

I guess you could, I wouldn’t recommend it though. :smiley:

the carbonation might make it burn if you snorted it.

i snort FOR the burn :-p

i would love to try some, just for expeirmental reasons of course:)

yea and I poop for the smell…lmao

If you can snort liquid than I’d say go for it, and by the way, your display picture is officially the best one on here.