What kind of Cologne Drives you woman crazy??

i’ve had success with kenneth cole’s black

axe’s kilo was tried and true back in its prime

aqua di gio. dolce and gabana blue (the original one)

Thats really hard narrow down to specific ones… I really like polo black, and aqua di gio but there are other times where guys that I know have been walking by or standing by me and Im like damn boy you smell fine!! So I think Im not real particular, but I do like it when a guy wears cologne if that counts :slight_smile:

I always had luck with farenheit for men, hugo boss and cool water…the women seem to eat it up

hugo boss is awesome
I cant spell the other one.

Man perfume is for pussies!:wink:

Drakkar has always been a huge plus and hugo boss are my favorties!

Maybe that’s why they get so much of it

I wear Chrome Azzarro because I like it. But as for me, the quickest way for a woman to get into my pants is if she’s wearing Kenneth Cole Black! Oh my greasy fried chicken that stuff smells good!

aqa di genero code or kenneth cole black right now is absolutly insane on the compliments!

my woemn wers aqua di genero for women…ahhh i die ! its awesome

John Paul Gaultier is the best cologne ever. Women, check it out.

Ladies, what do you think of Tommy Bahama?

When Tim wears that Axe stuff it drives me crazy.

hugo boss… is yummy

and aqua di gio

wooo lord… who turned on the heat?

I use axe body wash…phoenix

i should probably get him some of that too. But he said that he has to use bar soap not body wash to feel like a man lol.

and get hims one of those foofoo body scrubber thingies


hahah “foofoo body scrubbers”


hahahaha in pink.