Comcast, AT&T Are Paying Minority Groups To Support Killing Net Neutrality


Not new, but whatever. Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that I know little about the net issues of the United States. IMO, I live in shitty South America, but what I have is workable and quite cheap. However, if this is true, US politics is fucked up on another level.

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@Ricky you have complained about net issues in the past. Got anything to say?


This is so slimy it’s ridiculous.

Would like to jerk my ideology off here and say political lobbying like this is a huge and apparent symptom of capitalism.


Mass immigration and exploiting the predictable divisions that emerge between ethnic groups is a divide and conquer strategy that has used by capital in the United States since the gilded age. Same shit different era.


>inb4 “But these monopolies were created by the state, so we just have to get rid of it and let the market sort itself out”

It’s really sad that this is a thing.



Anyway is fooling themselves if they think a multicultural society can exist. The U.S. will be majority white with institutions that reflect white people until it’s not. Then white people will be in the same position that all of these ‘minorities’ have been in. And do you think they will give a shit or advocate for our rights?! Think again. Instead, they are attempting to bring about a swift crushing of our cultural and our people = white people.




I’m pretty sure white people becoming a minority in the country is pretty impossible


*white genocide*, haven’t you heard of it? (((They))) are responsible.



But they only make up 70% of the population… that’s as good as nonexistent… :confused:


The population has gone from 90% white in the 1940’s to about 55% white today. Thats a huge and quick drop. The numbers that show a 70% white population include hispanics as ‘white’.

You don’t have to be hooked on the JQ to see this. Europe is flooded with muslims. This is how populations get wiped out. When the whole world is migrating to the west and you can’t oppose it w/out being ‘racist’ its prime time for white genocide. White people are already only 10% of the world population AND red hair, blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes are all regressive genes. They are quickly eliminated. This is all simple science and numbers.


Okay, we’re going to get right to the shoehorning of ethnonationalism. Good to know.

Yes, the US will be mostly white until it’s not mostly white.

Not inherently, no. For centuries, white people were a minority in South Africa and managed to hold most of the political power.

Fam, do you think net neutrality is white culture or something?

I’m fairly certain mass genocide is how populations get wiped out.

Except that’s not genocide.

>caring only about aesthetic traits

jfc how retarded can you possibly be? No one advocates for white nationalism purely because they like the physical attributes of white people.


Demonstrably false. Within recent years the races of newborns tipped over towards minority-majority, with only a recent swing back over the 50% line. There is no cosmic rule that states whites must remain a demographic majority.


Do you really need to come and shove lame TRS talking points into a net neutrality discussion? If net neutrality is a reflection of “white”, or even “anglo” values, then why does Britain, Germany, and other whiter countries than the United States have more authoritarian stances towards electronic surveillance, online censorship, and anonymity?

Just make a separate thread if you want to talk demographics.


I am totally up for having a reasonable discussion and for arguments. But, don’t act like I shouldn’t have a voice in this thread because I am “off topic” - did you read the title? Its about paying minorities to help to advocate for net control. Why would minorities advocate that? Because they want to control the lines by which white people communicate - and go ahead say im full of JQ condpiracy nonsense but atleast acknowledge I am on topic. Controlling the net is related to displacing white people, thats why they are using minorities as the poster children.


Because they’re being paid to do so? You literally answered your own question in the sentence right before this:

you do realize white people aren’t the only ones who use the Internet, right?

Except they’re not using them as poster children, they’re literally paying them off in order to bolster their political movement.


What does net neutrality have to do with white people specifically? You haven’t explained this link.


No, not particularly. Comcast and AT&T has been lobbying for this for years, and if they win it will fuck over companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google- the very companies that have increasingly trying to censor speech- along with consumers. Trying to insert WN/JQ talking points into this discussion is moronic. At best you could handwave to a larger cultural phenomena that is somehow driven by demographic politics, but that ignores the fact that we had this exact kind of strong-arm monopoly shit happening back when this country still had segregation and race-based immigration quotas.


Although in this case individual states of the USA were instrumental in giving isps the monopolising power they have in the USA, in return for a monopoly on the cables the cable companies where to put down the cabling of the USA, this was long before the Internet was a serious thing and said cables where for TV , the cable company would also own much of the tv station etc which is how that started out, the cable companies now as a consequence are one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the USA.


Isn’t the reason why they are called Hispanic is due to their ethnicity being closely related to Spain? The Spanish themselves belonging to this ethnic group


Technically yes and technically no. It’s complicated. The majority of the Latin American population is mestizo, due to shared Spanish and Native American ancestry. Unlike the British and the French, the Spanish had no trouble keeping Native American wives, sometimes many at once. There’s also the issue that the Spanish themselves had a sizeable population descending from Arabs.
There are also descendants of European immigrants in countries like Brazil and Argentina. For instace, in Argentina, European immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th Century outnumbered creoles (American-born descendants of the Spanish) by 3 to 1. Then there are large black or mulato populations who descend from African slaves, most notably in the Caribbean and Brazil.
I, for example, have Spanish, Italian, German, Native American, and possibly even Arab ancestry.