Come On Everyone!

Come on everyone thank all of our wonderful mods and admin. They do a lot for us. So its time we said thank you and we appreciate them. So I’ll start.
Thank you mods and admin. We appreciate everything you do for us and will comtinue to do for us.:waving:

you’re just missing the c between the e and i there.

Thank you Veronica for putting up with my stupid fucking bullshit over the course of the past few months while dealing with your own personal stuff.


and thanks as well to Tim.

there i edited it. thank you. im in 11th grade and i still dont spell all that

I’d like to thank Veronica, Tim and all the mods for all their hard work in running this place and keeping it so great for everyone. I’d especially like to thank Veronica for banning CM!:smiley: :wink:

11th grade at 16 yrs old? I was 17 when I was a junior & 18 when i graduated.

yep 16 in 11th and 17 when i graduate.

anyway, back to topic, thanx all u admin and moderators, OTz is awesome, i dont want it to go away from my face.

sniff sniff I smell brown nosers! LOL

Thankz you guys.

Ummm thanks i think, but realy what have i gotten in return? no j/k! thanks for allowing me to rott away in a peaceful place:)