Commissioner of the Solar Union Candidacy Applications

Read the “Executive Council” and “Senate” pages of this1 document to get information on the role of Commissioner, or just ask on the thread. :slight_smile:

To clarify, the office of a Commissioner belongs to the member-state elected, not an individual. The office is therefore exercised through the government of the member-state holding the presidency, whether that’s a dictatorship or democratic government.

The Commissioners, in addition to the President of the Solar Union, form the Executive Council of the Solar Union (read more in the thread). Normally the President of the Solar Union will choose the Commissioners after their election, however, as we do not yet have a President, the Commissioners will be chosen before the Presidential election to ensure the Union has a working government.

The President, when elected, is free to choose whichever commissioners they desire and may dismiss any of the current commissioners (although political circumstances may restrict the President in doing so). The Senate may reject a commissioner being fired by a 50% + 1 vote in the Senate. (please read more on the google doc

EDIT: These pre presidential election commissioners will be chosen based on RNG.


Character Name:
Member-State Name:
Nominations (two required):

Reasons for standing for the Commission:

Priorities upon taking office:

Character Name: Admiral (Ret.) Anton Marcius
Member-State Name: Neo-Hyperborean Empire (Mercury)
Nominations (two required): Titan, Callisto (oli), Lapetus, Ganymede.

Reasons for standing for the Commission:

To allow for the independent growth of all planetary and nonplanetary bodies with minimal interference from the Executive.

To prevent acts of Tyranny by the Terrans and also any who wish to compromise the integrity of member-states defensive capabilities.

To guarantee a balance of power in the Executive. The only presidential candidate at the moment is from the outer worlds, and as such it is necessary to have at least one nation from the core worlds. We believe we are the most capable of maintaining neutrality.

Priorities upon taking office:

1. To protect the independence of self-respecting nations in pursuing their own affairs.
2. To protect the commercial interests of independent nations. We will strongly oppose attempts to block trading routes outside of declared war.
3. To provide absolute neutrality in the affairs of other nations. The Neo-Hyperborean Empire will do our absolute best to advocate on the behalf of all nations seeking to pursue their own internal affairs, and act as an intermediary on behalf on conflict parties.

Character Name: Nathan Mateo
Member-State Name: Europa (Europa)
Nominations (two required): Neptune, Enceladus

Reasons for standing for the Commission:

Europa has a keen interest in ensuring mutual prosperity and growth throughout the Solar community.

Priorities upon taking office:

  1. Encourage mutual economic growth and free trade.
  2. Ensure the liberty of nations to pursue reasonable technological development.
  3. Preserve the balance of power between the core and outer worlds.