I want to know well would like to know the different ways in which you guys communicate with someone, what i mean is would you prefer to use online to talk to someone are you more comfortable that way or do you like the whole face to face thing?

I like to have fun, tell very good stories to those I meet online or anywhere, it doesn`t matter to me how I talk to the person, they can be anywhere. I just want to be who I am. :slight_smile:

so either way works for you then ANie?

Do you feel its more personal online or face to face?

personally i feel i can express more about myself online cause im rather shy in real life, face to face you would not get to see the Kate that has posted around the forum for at least a few hours depending on the drink intake aswell lol

I can be personal in either situation myself, I used to be the very quiet and shy girl but now I kinda grew out of that. I express what I feel very well, depending who wants to hear it, lol!

The only thing that is different from Anie in person and Anie online is the way I flirt, I do it a bit differently in person, lol.

A mixture of both. While talking to someone online does have more advantages sometimes the next day or week when you see that same person it just feels abit awkward and like the online convo never happened. At least that’s how I feel sometimes.

I like all the different forms.

I do particularly like getting hand written letters, they show some class and are more intimate and personal.

Otherwise, email and calls can be great, but face to face can be incredible

hand written letters?

that’s definatley different TD,

When you read a hand written letter do you tend to go off the emtion that is put into said letter or you go off handwriting?

[quote=“Keight, post: 1077424”]hand written letters?

that’s definatley different TD,

When you read a hand written letter do you tend to go off the emtion that is put into said letter or you go off handwriting?[/quote]

Well you don’t have to post them in the letterbox for them to be personal. You can get them scanned and emailed.

It’s just the thought really that someone has actually sat down and taken the time to do that. Emailing etc is great, but very easy, doing someone a hand written letter is just something more unusual and tends to be done with more feeling so you know the person sending it is actually thinking of things to do to make you feel more special

On line you can be a whole lot more open and say things right away that you might not say in face to face relationships.

Which one is better… who can say? It depends on the individual and what’s being said. Sometimes on line can take it to a level that one or the other isn’t or wasn’t ready to go… or even really wanted to. :dunno

I find I am more open online with people, unless I have known them a long time and then they know the real me. I find it hard to strike up conversatuions with people I don’t know. Even out at the club. That’s probably why I am single.

I’m definitely more open with people face to face and prefer it. It takes me a while to come around when it come to talking to people over the internet compared to IRL.

I prefer face to face. If I meet someone face to face I will allow other forms of communication. The internet scares me so I keep it strictly to that form once I meet someone one here.

Face to face, especially for serious things. However, some kinds of joking around actually translates better on the internet then it does in real life. For instance, let’s say, Zombie and Vampire wars…

I prefer face to face, I don’t like talking on the phone and using IM is a good second to face to face. :smiley:

I don’t really have a preference. I’m much more flirty online than in IRL. IRL I’m more sarcastic, not so much online because it’s harder to really get sarcasm.

I do appreciate all forms of communication. I think they each have their place. I don’t really have any one preference.

I prefer online communication as i’m quite shy in real life.

I used to HATE talking on the phone, especially to family as a kid. Strange considering how much time I speak on the freaking things now!

i will use any form of communication available.
nothing beats a face to face natter with a friend, but if you cant meet up, email and texting is great.