Communists: Views on Animal Farm by George Orwell?


It represents the failure of communal states and the failure of democracy. All communal societies will either be destroyed by greed of the participants, or find that capitalist states offer high quality items. All totally democratic states (majority rule) will elect those who disposses the minority (wealthy, successful, traitors to the revolution, etc.). Lenin offered security to the revolution, by barring non-Bolsheviks from running for office. Hitler, a Socialist, rose to power by offering the Germans success, and he took that success from the wealthy Jewish business owners. Robert Mugabe did this by offering prosperity of a majority rule government, by dispossessing the white farmers from their land and stealing their crop.


Its the difference between a democracy and a mobocracy. A democracy has systems in place to protect the rights and opinions of minority groups while still following the will of the majority. A mobocracy has no such systems in place, and thus the majority is free to oppress the minority(s). Look up Aristotle’s six forms of government for more


It’s not a socialist state however.


Spoiler alert, in first-world countries most of the population is middle class, so the whole objective of socialism “giving back to the people” has miserably failed. Not to mention the level of intellectual repression


Actually he was a socialism, with leanings towards anarcho-syndicalists. Initially he supported communism since he fought alongside them in the Spanish Civil War, but after learning of Stalin’s atrocities he became disillusioned with Marxist-Leninism


“Most of the population is middle class”


Are you senile?

Like aside from middle class being bullshit, even if you buy into it, how is it possible to even come up with such seriously incorrect statements???


Less ad hominem, more actual arguments please