Community Representative's Office


Feel free to post any issues here that you’d like to raise to the community representative (myself). These can range from issues relating to community and staff morale, behaviour, etc, or proposals you’d like to me to help you with, and bring to the attention of the staff.

If you’d rather discuss any issues in private, please shoot me a PM. :slight_smile:






I want Atlantis and I want it now


Can they give out free steam wallet codes?


Lolicon when


So Mr Waller, what’s your first act as Community Representative?


I demand that Mr. Waller create a national Harambe Remembrance Month to celebrate the life of the gorilla who held our nation together during difficult and struggling times.


'Tis agreed, it must become an international holiday.


Mr. Waller, now that you have had the chance to communicate with people desiring your help, do you now regret taking the position?


Having been on this forum for coming up on three years, I’m quite well versed in what kind of responses a thread like this is going to get. :stuck_out_tongue:

But likewise, I’m also well aware of how quickly issues can pop up and become serious, seemingly out of nowhere, so I naturally look forward to that.

Also checking into the popularity of an RP based on the old Senate before a formal proposal is drawn up.


That’s a mighty short amount of time to be voted community rep :wink:


What the fuck is wrong with me