I have to write an essay comparing and contrasting any two things.

I need some suggestions.

apples and oranges
war and peace
heaven and hell
life and death
free will and no choice
cake or pie
meat or fish
beer or wine
man and woman
serious and funny
mom and dad

Those are all good, I was thinking something not so broad. My instructor used apples and oranges as an example, haha.

Food & soil.

Eh? Eh?:thumbup



There’s a bunch of more defined examples at the bottom of this page: Compare Contrast Essay Topics - Great Selection of Topics for Your Compare and Contrast Essay!

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=-1]Two career family vs. a one career family
two approaches for dealing with problems
children’s pastimes today and yesterday
two rooms where you spend a good deal of time
neighborhood stores vs. shopping malls
two characters in a novel or other literary work
living at home vs. living in an apartment or dorm
two attitudes toward money
a sports team then and now
watching a movie on tv vs. viewing it in a theatre
two attitiudes about a controversial topic
two approaches to parenting
walking or biking vs. driving a car
marriage vs. living together
the atmosphere in two classes
two approaches to studying
the place where you live vs. the place you would like tolive
two comedians
the coverage of an event on tv vs. the coverage in a
significant trend vs. passing fad
two horror or adventure movies
typerwriter vs. word processor
two candidates for an office
your attitiude before and after getting to know someone
two friends with different lifestyles
a liberal arts vs. a technical education
the physical or mental demands of two jobs
two advertisements
parents vs. teachers as educators
something natural vs. something artificial
a novel and a movie that tell the same story
two instructors
two sportscasters, news commentators, or talk show hosts
a tv family vs. your family
the business,residentail,or slum districts of two cities or
a wealthy and a working-class residential district in the
same city
a favorite social spot during the day vs. night
suburban home life vs. apartment life
the effectiveness of two pieces of writing
the working conditions on two jobs
two techniques for doing something in your field[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=-1]or if wanting a compare/contrast analogy try:
the offerings in a college catalog and a restaurant
a conquering army and a swarm of locusts
an electric current and water flowing through a pipe
a heart and a pump
the structure of am atom and that of the solar system
a teacher and a merchant[/SIZE][/FONT]

[quote=“pjbleek, post: 1094144”]apples and oranges
war and peace
heaven and hell
life and death
free will and no choice
cake or pie
meat or fish
beer or wine
man and woman
serious and funny
mom and dad[/quote]

once again the college kids…always the thinkers…lol

I likea da free will v fate one.

I like the childrens’ pastimes I think.

to drink or not to drink…aye that’s a rub in da belly


I got an essay like that to write once. I wrote about a dilapidated house which was surrounded by flowers and green grass.

I will get back to you on this one.

Swallow or…:eek :smiley:

Analog v. digital TV signal quality.

You can write about shoes that you women like so much. Like pumps… High heels make you feel attractive, hot, eye grabbing, stand out in the crowd and the low heels make you feel just normal and comfortable…:jk

there are variety of things you could write about: cars (Benz vs Honda), fast food restaurants, modern days vs now. You know how our parents always say, “you have it lucky, back then we have to write letters ink and feathers, and it would take weeks to reach the recipient but now you can send a email which would take a sec.”

There are a lot of things you can think about. Just pick the one that is more suitable.