Tonight! lol

I been meaning to get a ticket, but then I get a call as I’m barreling down I69 today from Emmaline.

her: “whats up?”
me: “just workin”
her: “you got your ticket yet?”
me: “nope”
her: “good, I got a free one… you want it?”

me: “heck yeah!”


I know, I’m a great conversationalist. :tard


WHOOOOOT!!! Get some pre and post concert lovin!!! :rock


mmmmm Emmaline. shes HOTT!! i used to work with her :hump


I’m going to see Gwen (I wish I could get backstage)


what kinda concert ? whos performing ?


he saw Trapt


Trapt with Aphasia and Blindside. Blindside does one song I knew, but i can’t remember the name of it.

Aphasia was pretty good for being a newb band. Emmaline was talking to them by the front doors after they were done playing.

Trapt played two songs I knew. I didn’t really drink that much, something like 4 beers and a handful of shots.

really didn’t get too drunk but I owned a 20 ounce bottle of water this morning like nobody’s business.


Concerts are overrated drug events. Excluding the Vans Warped Tour. :rock



what the fuck? shut up. lol You’re not even old enough to get into anything except N’Sync concerts anyway.


I am such a Dyke.



Ron… seriously man… when was the last time you hit up a real concert?? Not Britney Spears… and Disney on Ice doesn’t count either…

You would be doing all of us and yourself a favor if you would just STFU.


i went to the alanis morissette concert and had a great time. (there was no drugs that I saw…ron)


last 2 concerts i went to was Anthrax about a month ago and 2 weeks ago i saw a Poison tribute band. both shows were really good!!


Last concert we went to was a Godsmack concert and I dont recall seeing any drugs.


Last concert I went to was last Halloween. Was Velvet Revolver, Chevelle, and Shinedown. Velvet Revolver and Chevelle kicked some ass, great show! Shinedown sucked ass!!! I used that time to go outside and have a few cigarettes and a beer.


To be Honest, Emmaline did happen to find someone with a joint. The guy told me “nice hat” (in reference to my Avalanche hat), but said I couldn’t get any.

Good. I don’t ever want to try it anyway. Then she kept toking on it and burnt her fingers, tossed it and it hit this guy in the back and embers flew everywhere. lol

Ah… good times. I still hate the smell of that shit.