Condoms in Prison!


The New York Times ran an editorial talking about the distribution of condoms in America’s prisons to help curb AIDS and other infectious diseases behind bars.

:wtf I did not know that they were given the privilege to have sex while behind bars. Thats messed up!

Fighting AIDS Behind Bars
Published: June 10, 2005
The United States will never contain deadly diseases like AIDS and hepatitis C without common-sense programs that distribute condoms in prisons.


thats b/c they are all gay and if one is infected, they all become that way. in prison, there is a big “ill scratch your back if you scratch mine” following in which guys fuck each other in the ass and have oral sex for the same in return.


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and how did you come across that little bit of information :wtf


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That is so so so so so NASTY!!! :barf :barf :barf :barf :barf


God please never let me go to prison… :tard


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just be careful in what you do, when your not exactly sure if what your doing is inside the bounds of the law… :smiley: :booze


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For a 16 yr old. your quite knowledgable on gay Prison life :gay


ive heard horror stories and ive never been to, nor do i plan on going to prison


Just put the gay boys in a other cell block.


I didn’t know they distributed condoms either- but maybe it’s better that way so that the spread of AIDS doesn’t increase more and more. Because, think about it, some people may only be in prison for like, 3 years, get out, and then spread AIDS to other people, or hepatitis without knowing.

Maybe it’s a good thing, even if it’s wrong.


I know, Iknow…if you get AIDS in jail, you stay in jail.