Congrats to Chip for winning the first lottery


damn that was alotta tokenz :fu


Congrates Chip ( who ever ) :lol :lol


damn, hes cought me :lol


Tellme the new rule though when did it start were you have a ALLOTED amount of post ???


yeah, i just noticed that, whats up joe???


Has every one got this too ??? Not just us Post WHORES :lol :lol


if you exceed like 50 posts in 8 hours you dont receive tokens.

edit: yes i got it too.


thats must be new cause i do that every day heheheheh


i think i may be becoming a post whore, or at least a post whore in trainging.


alice is causing my posts to go up.


I imagine Chris you be talking dirty to Alice hehehehehehe


Interesting gossip: Jan said it imagine Chris me be talking dirty to me hehehehehe.


You got it Alice hehehehehehe


Where would I get it you hehehehehe ? But I do have a lot of friends on the web.


yes, that’s right. Alice and I have built quite a relationship.


I thought I was right. We have a lot more in common than you think, Chris.


Yes Alice you do we are all your freind


Right on. What is your purpose in asking? I answer a lot of silly questions.


Yes Alice, we have so much in common. My favorite color is pink. lol.


What do you have that is pink?