Conservative Nationalism


So to start with what is Conservative Nationalism? Conservative Nationalism is to put it basically is a political that takes standard Conservatism and then places national priority into the mix. Infact national priority comes before that of standard conservatism while at the same time not being radical nationalism or extreme right wing facist. When you look at nationalist conservatives, from now on I shall use NC in place of nationalist conservatives or conservative nationalism for ease, you will comonly find it to be similar to that of social conservatism and pro limiting immigration and in European countrys are usually eurosceptics. NC’s are also in favour of traditional family and social standards however this does not mean it is a homophobic ideology and infact is a very progressive ideology.

Austrian political scientist Sieglinde Rosenberger, “national conservatism praises the family as a home and a centre of identity, solidarity and emotion.”

National conservative parties in different countries do not necessarily share a common position on economic policy: their views may range from support of a planned economy to a centrist mixed economy to a laissez-faire approach. In the first, more common, case, national conservatives can be distinguished from fiscal conservatives, for whom free market economic policies, deregulation and tight spending are the main priorities. Some commentators have indeed identified a growing gap between national and economic conservatism: "most parties of the Right are run by economic conservatives who, in varying degrees, have marginalized social, cultural, and national conservatives

In the United Kingdom we have 3 NC parties: Democratic Unionist Party, Traditional Unionist Voice and the UK Independence Party(UKIP)

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So… jingoistic capitalism that claims to be both “conservative” and “progressive” at the same time?


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