Cops Let Britney Spears Off with Warning

Britney Spears was pulled over by Beverly Hills police for allegedly speeding but was let off with a warning, authorities say.The pop star was driving along Sunset Boulevard when she was stopped at 8:45 p.m. Friday. “She was pulled over for speeding,” Beverly Hills police Sgt. Mike Foxen said. “She was warned about her speed […]

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What do these damn celebrities have to do before they get in trouble? If it was you or me we would have got a fine and a ticket!:mad

i wish i had gotten off with a warning the times i got pulled over…

Ahhh another reason I hate celebrities, must be nice to have special privileges.

Those sunglasses she has on are ugly as hell.

was she dressed like she is in the photo when she was pulled over. If so no wonder they let her go with a warning. I hate that all a girls got to do to get out of a ticket is show a little cleavage. It pisses me of to know females who have been puled over more times than me and yet dont have a single ticket on their record and I have to many to count.

Yeah, if I was to flash a subtle hint of my balls at a female cop , I’d get charged with indecent exposure on top!:smiley:

I’ve gotten a few warnings. But I’ve also gotten a lot more tickets!