Cost of living?


What does everyone do here? Rent, own, live in your car?

Personally I rent a single bedroom apartment in a complex of 8.

Rent is only 335 a month here, only utility is electric.

Very good neighborhood, no break ins or robberies, small town environment.


and my mach1 only cost of living.


That’s a first generation Escort GT in the background there…

So basically you live in the junkyard wearing a storm trooper outfit?


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[quote=2000Si]That’s a first generation Escort GT in the background there…

So basically you live in the junkyard wearing a storm trooper outfit?[/quote]

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Just be lucky you don’t live here James. My oldest son is about your age, (23 May 26th) and his 1 bedroom condo is $1,200.00 a month. It has a pool and spa, plus a nice work out gym and tennis courts, but DAMN!


I dunno


3-4k …



It’s kinda confusing but I will try to keep it simple. Then navy pretty much pays for everything cost of living wise. Simple enough? I live on base so the only things I have to pay for are my phone and DSL. Everything, consumer type stuff I mean, on base is fairly consistent with how much things cost back in the states. However, if you go out in town then you are dealing with the Euro which is worth more than the dollar, so things seem to be more expensive. Most times me and ODIS hit the clubs I take 40 Euros with me. That is about $52 give or take a buck. So other than gas and alcohol I really don’t have many expenses to speak of. :booze


I’d get too depressed if I added it all up :tard


I have to figure it out cause I’m looking for a apartment


i was paying $949 for a one bedroom, 1100sqft apartment. i had to pay the water, electric, and cable/phone/internet bills… the c/p/i bill was about $130. the electric bill was on an average of $70. the water bill was about $30. i almost forgot about the pet rent which was $25. $1204 a month!!! :wtf :wtf and thats why i am lookin to buy a house. so please someone buy my baby… :tard


my last apartment was 545 a month and that had water + sewage included and it was a 2 bedroom


god, wish i didnt live in nyc…


well that was in norfolk va


I live at home right now… but when Pete comes back from boot camp, we’re getting a place. I have a few places in mind apartment wise that range from $500-700 a month.

I also pay my car payment, car insurance, cell phone, 2 credit cards (if I ever put anything on there, which right now I’ve got a hundred on each from furniture I bought) and then expenses to go out and have fun.


having your own place isn’t as easy as it sounds even with 2 people…stuff adds up quick…you have to make sure you finacialy ready


and if you cant spell financially right your in for trouble :rofl


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