Could a reformed Fascism work?



I understand one of the main things that we have seen in fascist regimes is they usually discriminate against different groups and races of people. What is a new fascist ideology came around that adopted most the traits of fascism, like militaristic, nationalist and authoritarian ideals but did comply with the usual stance on different groups and races? would it be more acceptable? could it gain power if a political party adopted its ideals?


In many ways this describes what the United States is in practice. However I think that the idea you are talking about is only truly viable politically in a situation in which humanity discovers intelligent alien life.

You would need to define what “fascism” actually is beyond general traits in order for me to give an accurate judgement, and doing so is tedious at best.


I don’t know much about fascism, but aren’t those ideals born out of discrimination?


Not inherently. Hate of outsiders definitely is a great fuel for nationalism, fear of enemies fuel for militarism, and a need to repress groups within your borders fuels authoritarianism. But there are plenty of other justifications for said ideals- martial spirit, desire for order, etc.


I consider myself a nationalist, i believe the military should play more of a role in society and i could not care about peoples race. I care what people do with themselves not there family background and the colour of there skin, as long as they can contribute to society and provide service when the country is in a time of need then we would get along fine.


What kind of a role?

How do you think we should treat those who can’t contribute to society during a time of need?


Would this reformed fascism imply some form of voting or just be an appointed oligarchical dictatorship?


I believe in national service and that the military should play some sort of role in education to show children at an early age firearm safety, survival skills, discipline and loyalty to ones country (a bit like cadets but this would be integrated with school) If someone is able to provide assistance when necessary but refuses they should be fined or arrested, if someone is unable due to illness or inability then leave them be.


i was expecting people to suggest there ideas on this subject and how it would work but if i were to guess i would expect it to be like England before the civil war were the king held most of the power while parliament did have influence but nothing on the kings level.


What about conscientious objectors?


Have you seen V for Vendetta?


Dont put them into a combat role, put them into the medical corps, munitions or manufacturing. ( also i have not seen “V for Vendetta”)


V for Vendetta is mediocre at best,


Good overall message tho


Meh, it’s typical down with da fascism and power to dah people. It’s also a very predictable story. If they wanted to do it better they should of dumped the inside job shit and moan about how we could be like the man who did nothing wrong.


@Flavia clears throat , I believe you might have a few words to say on this


So like the Falange?

“Hitlerism is acquiring renewed vigor because of its myth of blood purity… If Spain one day decides to institute a Fiesta de la Raza, it will be precisely in the opposite sense of the German idea. We deny the purity of our race, admitting that the foundation of our genius is the fusion of races.”

Latin countries tended to have non-racist or less-racist elements in their Fascism than northern countries did for a number of reasons. One of these being Catholicism, the history of ethnic fusions, and hatred for Nordicism which tried to portray classical civilization as Nordic with the modern day Mediterranean people being mongrelized bastards.

Fascism is pretty much dead as a movement because of access to information and the knowledge that it was an absolute joke which accomplished nothing besides being defeated by the same “materialistic” nations it boasted it would defeat.


Charity, although I’m not referring to retribution of wealth by force


My dad grew up in school with military as it was the times of fascism in Portugal - the one thing I know is that the schools in Lisbon at that time did not allow freedom of information similarly to what we’re seeing now in some Western countries. My grandparents from my dad’s side were headmaster and teacher (both reached their pinnacle of success in that realm) and at the point my dad was in about my stage of education (although his being miles beyond mine in actual crude academics and him being younger) he wrote a report on a plant which was an incredibly hard drug that was cultivated across the middle-east and Africa predominantly, he dug up the history and correlated it to Jesus as in his times the plant was around and the fact that Jesus supposedly walked for three days on end and other stories where it can be interpreted as man on substance. Academics in those days were set at much higher standards - especially Portugal, Italy and Spain from what I know Anyway, my dad got excluded for a few days because Portugal was a Christian country and the school didn’t like it although he was praised by his professor and his parents were somewhat stern even though he’d sourced it from the Bible and history books. Bit of anecdotal evidence on fascist Portugal.


Portugal was never Fascist, it was authoritarian conservative and Salazar even expelled Fascists, who he derisively labeled “pagan Caesarists.”