Anyone out there play CS 1.6??? Heres my clan server if anyone wants to stop by sometime


Naa dood its all about the Source! :banana


My computer can’t handle source lol or id play it fo sho. but then again you cant forget about the original…


CZ? CS? CSS? when i join my nick will be fomoco jeppe…


i got to find my cz cd to play with you, but Jeppe add sp3nis do your friends on steam ill im on this 24/7 dust server all the time. We should play.


Play me in CS sometime just stop by my server, or add me to friends my nick is zam on the server though.


Hell yea, another striker!!! :rock

I’ll try and get in there tonight.

GTron will be my nick. I got about 30 different nicks, but I’ll use that one so that you’ll recognize me.


I’ve got a server too, but not usually anyone in there.

|UV| Clan Server


i cant find you on steam friends! :dunno


I’ve never even tried to use the friends stuff. :dunno


yeee its crap… it never works…
ad me to msn and replace it with steam friends…


one week of playing