Couple track vids, come in MD


This guys car reminded me of you. Hell I even told him about your car and what you run. I’m pretty sure he said he ran 7.4 on a 1.6x 60’ when it was colder out. I think I need to up the shot and get some ET streets… :banana

The super nasty GT I ran into last trip to the track. Really nice guy driving it, sit and talked to me and Stangpower for a while. Car looks amazing. I wish I could have got some shots of the inside of it. It looks like it’s never been sat in. The nitrous bottle also looks purty. Dyno’d 435rwhp on stock heads. Cams, bolt ons, Vortech, nitrous…Also a bolt on Mach 1 running his best pass of the night.

Me racing the EVO. He redlighted and skured me, so I nailed it and blew the tires off. Still a close race. He ran 7.99 to my 8.0, but I trapped slightly higher.


veddy nice! I went 7.3x on a 1.56 60’

vids are :rock


Thanks MD. How much boost are you running?


Nice vids. Did you get beat by the rice? :lol


Haha, he ran a 7.99 that run to my 8.0. That fugger redlighted though. That car is insanely fast though for a 4 banger. There was one run that I got on tape of him against an ungodly sounding fox. The damn thing was trailored in. Had slicks/skinnies, a big ass cam, sounded like it’d eat small children. I was videotaping it and even said to the cam, “we’re about to see Casey get his ass handed to him,” but the Crustang only turned an 8.1 to his 8.0. It was a sad day for American car lovers. I think the redneck beside me about fainted.



It would be a different story on a quarter mile track I’m sure. And he definitely jumped you on the start.


Ya go to a full size track! :banana :gears :gears


8.5 psi non-intercooled


You’d have him on a full size track.

Also, show the Mach 1 driver how to drive. :smiley:


I was disapointed with the Mach 1 myself. He said he was cutting 2.0 60’s though. God that car looked amazing in person.

Oh ya, I’ve ran better than the EVO has in the 1/8. That was just a bad pass for me. But that thing doesn’t slow down the longer you go like you’d think. 35x awhp goes a LONG ways.