I dont know if ya’ll remember me telling ya’ll about my retarted old lady neighbor calling animal control a couple weeks ago stating that our dog tore up her french drain pipe or not, and that animal control wrote me a citation, blah blah blah. Well today was the mandatory court date and that old neighbor lady Dora shows up! It wasnt a trial or anything at all but she decided to show up. So anyhow, the judge gets to my name and I go up front and she freakin follows me up there. Didnt nobody call her name but she followed me up there and starts this drama crap, bawling and crying. Im like whatever you drama queen. She said she had pictures of her drain pipe. But its funny she didnt have any pictures of our dog “tearing” it up like she says they did. The judge asked me what kind of dog and I told him and he is automatically I guess assuming that it was our dogs since she had pictures of her damn drain pipe. So now guess what? He asked her if she had estimates of it and she says $1,630! Im sorry, but there is no way that a drain pipe can cost that much! But I have to pay restution to her since she had pictures that it was tore up. This pisses me off soo much! The judge was a complete jerk just because I think of the type of dog we have and thats not very fair. We have had this dog for 8 yrs and has never hurt a flea!

what kind of a dog is it? rockweiler?

i have a rockweiler mix and she’s a very friendly dog. chews up the furniture but wouldnt chew up a drainage pipe.

its funny to talk about prejudice against animals. im sorry to hear about your bogus hearing.

No, you have a rottweiler mix…

That judge must have been in a hurry for his 2 pm tee time.

If I were you (I know you don’t have time for this), but I’d call up a lawyer.

Thats fuckin bullshit man. I would be heated.

[quote=“TheOriginalJames, post: 317644”]

That judge must have been in a hurry for his 2 pm tee time.

If I were you (I know you don’t have time for this), but I’d call up a lawyer.[/quote]

I agree with these guys. Don’t pay yet; consult with someone. She’s just trying to get free money. Check to see if she’s sued people for ridiculous, (or rediculous <<James! hehe!), things in the past. She needs more proof than just, “…because I said so.”

Make her prove it beyond a doubt; otherwise she’ll keep filing ridiculous suits and raking in the dough.

go get your own estimate compare prices who know it could have been a friend of her’s who gave the estimate. If the #'s don’t match and if you have time take the sweet old lady back to court and nail her for bogeus charges. The person or persons doing the work should be licensed and bonded.

can you appeal?

I’d beat her face in with a frozen tuna fish.

you can but it will take longer but if the judge has awarded her the money it’s like she is paying so take her to small claimes court and maybe the judge will over turn the ruling.

then when you walk out of court if no one is looking hit her with the frozen tuna fish.

That sucks.:mad My advice would be to brick her windows one night but that probably isn’t very good advice!

that sound’s like boomer

appeal and go to court

IWhen I go to work tonight I am going to talk to one of the police officers who works security and see what he knows. Being he knows the law waayyy better than I do. I wonder who I call to get estimates? Because thats the first thing on my list.
This woman has given us so much grief over the past yr that her turn will be here before long. And Im just gonna sit back and watch it all fall in place.

Kill her shrubberies.

urine work for that

bleach on the grass…

Yeah, write “bitch” in big letters on her lawn with bleach!:smiley:

no save your dog shit for a week put it in box with a bow!!!

You should be able to get your own estimate. If I am not mistaken you are actually supposed to get 3 estimates and usually go with the lowest.

Don’t let them snooker you!

I was just thinking the same exact thing… :muscles: