Crazy night


So I go on a date with a girl… well kind of a date. We just chilled at her place and had some wine. Ok so all is going pretty well. 9 pm rolls around and I say, " Hey I gotta get going. I have to be up at 5am." She wants me to run over to her friends house with her “really quick”. So naturally I agreed… like the fuckin sucker I am. I load this drunk broad up in my car and we drive… and drive… and drive… at this point I have nooooo idea where I am beings that I met her waaay out of my area. Finally we get there. Its like a drug lords house. Well… she desides to pop 2 Zanex’s (sp?) and all I wanna do is get the fuck outta there. Finally I’m just like hey, I’m fuckin leaving… you staying here or what. Sooooo we load back up in my car. By this time its 11:30 pm. By the time we get out of the parking lot… she passes out. Great… I have no clue as to where I am or where to go. So I drive… and drive… and drive… and drive… and drive… until 3 am where I FINALLY found a highway I knew. Then I was like 45 minutes from her place… so I drive… get to her house and literally had to drag her out of my car. Dragged her into her house and boned the fuck out. I get home at 4:30 am… change clothes… drive to work… and been driving since.
I was sooo fuckin heated!!! THEN!!! The bitch sends me a text message today like nothing happend and was all… when are we hanging out again? Whatever.


tell her only if she tosses your salad…forget that broad


i hate girls that are that crazy. i used to hang out with some girls that had a mission to get drunk and fucked up. they are the most boring people ever and almost get you in trouble everytime you hang out with them


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I dunno about all that shit… but she did say she would do anything to make it up to me. then she sent me a text and it read, " I will do ANYTHING you want." So hmmmm… but probly not.


i would ditch her man. she doesnt have any priorities straight so dont let her mess up your life…


as I said on AIM… at least you weren’t on your 8th date with her. lol fuckin psycho drug addict chics.

Move to Indiana, endure the cold and stay away from the fat bitches.

It’ll be a good move.


Ugh… cold weather. How do I randomly find the psycho drug addict chicks??? :dunno


yup ditch the bitch, im sorry having a relationship with someone dependant on a substance have "bad’ written all over it

least you figured out how she was after only one date so you didnt invest any real feelings into her


I, personally, wouldnt wanna go out again with someone who acted like that. What a inconsiderate broad.


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its funny how those types tend to get the most guys too …go figure lol


please tell me you didnt send her a text back? if so, it better of been one telling her off.


Yeah I texted her back. It went like this… “What the fuck!!! I didn’t think that shit was cute at all. How the fuck are you gonna take some shit that you knew would fuck you up and leave me to find my way home when I had no idea how to get there. That was pretty fucked up.”


just don’t be the “sucker” you were before…because you know she’s going to apologize and apologize and apologize and say it’ll never happen again…trust me…she has NO CLUE what she is saying nore will she remember any of those promises.


:lol So you’re saying it worked out then.

lol Na man, that’s messed up. She may be fun to hang with a few times, but on your terms only. Don’t do her anymore favors.

Good luck. Sorry to hear about your night.


I am just glad to hear it was a girl that you was with.