Criticizing a music critic


i’m told this forum is in a recovery state from a recent change of hands and i just noticed there aren’t many music, arts and entertainment postings. that could have been why i bailed years ago; this is my main thing. jabbering about religion and politics is what i like to do when i have nothing better to do.

this fellow i’m roasting is one tom medara aka , COO of Spyros Consulting, an “IT Security” services provider, read as “shills for hire” to run agit/prop ops against your competition using multi-persona management software and serious deep access to stalk them mercilessly. this guy has been running a gang at me since at least 2011.

My latest band discovery. Described as a cross between Steely Dan, the Grateful Dead, Stevie Wonder, and the Commodores. These guys are serious musicians. I find their music incredibly compelling – almost haunting. This tune comes from a live album they put together with a 13 piece ensemble and back up singers.

This album is their best recorded work that I can find. This is my favorite piece from it, but I recommend listening to the whole thing.
it seems that our pail is the one who has declared this bunch of “serious musicians” to be a cross between steely dan, the grateful dead, stevie wonder and the commodores" let’s look at that a little more closely, shall we?

this is a bunch of privileged men who formed their band in college and they are certainly very capable studio musicians, the album well worth the listen and definitely nice muzak for somebody pounding a keyboard in a cubicle all day, bored out of his skull, with nobody to troll on the internet at the moment.

you can easily catch steely dan’s smooth jazz rock groove, but to compare their performance to Stevie Wonder or the commodores is completely off base and to so much as intimate that their vocal harmonies and guitar virtuosity can hold a candle to jerry garcia and bob weir will have deadheads rolling on the floor with laughter or making death threats.

the grateful dead rarely even played music that sounded at all like this or worked with horns and they haven’t got the tight kick of stevie wonder’s bands or the commodores. these white boys got no soul. they’re book trained. they’re competent and their song writing is good enough, but they haven’t got the charisma it takes to really make it big and if they haven’t gotten there in 24 years, they’re not likely to.

for college kids who put a band together , they certainly haven’t done anything of the caliber of oregon, spyro gyra or phish, who are all bands that formed from college buddies or they wouldn’t be playing the nowhere venues they’re playing today.

i would imagine this lyric is one of the lines that is “almost haunting” for that stuffed shirt desk jockey, so let’s see if we can’t it get ringing in all you cubicle dwelling wage slave’s thick skulls.

“i would rather die outside these walls than live beneath their cover”

for some comparison, here are videos from the artists my pail thought to compare percy hill to.

percy hill’s horns are decent, but nothing like the commodores.

percy hill certainly can’t do this funk like this.

like i said at the outset, yeah sure, but nah. they haven’t got the kick or harmonies of steely dan

this is why comparing percy hill to the grateful dead is simply some sort of delerium. jerry was even well into his decline by this time and he still grabbed that groove and rode it, bobby and the rest of them jumping right in there with him, with licks and harmonies percy hill wasn’t coming anywhere near.