cronus298usmc cheated on simon


mods please erase his scores from this game he writes the sequences of lights down on a sticky. he is a cheater and should not be able to have a trophy for this “memory” game


or atleast not receive tokens for it




whats that supposed to mean


you can cheat on it too, so is it really cheating if everyone can do it?


Dude… it’s a game on an internet board. :rofl


Dude… it’s a game on an internet board. :rofl[/quote]

yeah… ok si…

“dude… it’s a thread on an internet board.” :rofl


Cheaters maximize when they dont get caugt or there are no consequences; That is a basic sociological principle. I cannot prove beyond doubt he didnt have a killer memory, so if you would like to cheat and beat his score claiming you did it from memory, then you would get the trophy and tokenz too


Sound to me like he was more resourceful than cheating.


Is the high score on Simon going to skyrocket now that the cat is out of the bag? :smiley:


:dunno I dunno, but if you have enough time to do all that shit… you need a new hobby for sure.


boo fucking hoo


Dude… it’s a game on an internet board. :rofl[/quote]

yeah… ok si…

“dude… it’s a thread on an internet board.” :rofl[/quote]

and I find it quite comical. Difference is I’m not whining about something that has no real relevance to the outside world.


Remember… Cheaters never win and winners never cheat…

I wonder who is the moron that came up with that little saying… :tard


exactly, cheaters always win until they are cought; and since this is an internet board, you cannot undoubtedly prove a cheater (especially in this case) so his score and trophy and what i consider to be a waste of time still stands :smiley:


s10 you are a whiny bitch. shut the fuck up and get over it.


It’s not even an original idea. Nobody cared before, and I don’t think anyone cares now.


who cares if he cheated. its just a game. its not a life and death sitsuation. its not the end of the world theres more important things going on in the world than to worry about if someone cheated on simon.

ill admit it i cheated on it. you can see the thread that DT3 brought up. i got like 33 or something then hells GT got over 50 and i PMed him and i said i wonder if they know that you can cheat on it. and he responded saying something like “yeah i dont know but you should of seen my paper” its not a big deal.


i only reported him so i could piss him off if u took his trophy. hes a bitch lol. and he keeps trying to take my trophies. im trying to take his by being resourceful instead of waisting my life playing flash games over and over like dt3

ps. donnie eat my ass


who the hell is this guy donnie and why do you want him to eat your ass :gay