Crosseyed Bull


A farmer and his friend were sittin’ in a bar. The farmer says to his friend, “I got a prize bull, but the thing is, he’s crosseyed, so I can’t show 'im” The friend says, “My friend had the same thing with his bull, I have a solution” So the farmer says, “Ok, I’m listenin’” The friend tells the farmer, “Take a long pipe, about 4 or 5 feet long. Grease it up real good, and stick it in the bulls rear-end. Then blow as hard as you can. Don’t suck! Just blow” So the farmer goes back to the farm. He gets his other friend Lenny to help him. Now, Lenny ain’t to bright, but he’s damn strong, and a big fellow. The farmer tells Lenny that he can fix the bull. He grabs some vaseline and a pipe and runs to the bull. “Now Lenny, you stand here and watch his eyes, and I’ll go around back!” So, the farmer greases up the pole, and just eases it in. He puts his mouth on the pipe, and starts blowin’" He looks to Lenny and asks, “Is he fixed?!” Lenny shakes his head, so the farmer keeps blowin’. He stops again and asks, “How 'bout now Lenny?!” Lenny says, “Not yet boss!” So he starts blowing again. This time, he gives it all he’s got. Well, the farmer says to Lenny, “Is he fixed now?” Lenny shakes his head. “This ain’t right” Says the farmer. “Lenny, you go around back and blow, and I’ll keep an eye out on the bull” “Sure thing boss.” Says Lenny. Well, Lenny goes to the back of the bull and pulls the pipe out, and turns it around. The farmer says, “Lenny, what the hell are you doing?” And Lenny says, “I’m not blowin’ on the same end you blew on boss!”





LMAO. gross…bad visual image