Okay so lately I’ve been in a crossroad in my life, I applied to college but now thinking of what is the most logical thing I should be doing for myself, it’s a bit hard. I want to go back to school but the course I am taking isn’t required for the career I am pursuing, I want to work out and I don’t know if I can work out and lose the weight, being physically fit when I am a full time student, part time worker and the fact I don’t use a vehicle. Right now I want to save money, which I don’t have a lot of, I want to move to a different city as well which will cost me, I don’t find myself saving while I’m at school also working part time since that will only get me by month by month in a very tight budget. Education to me is important and the thing which I value, but I also want to achieve my goal on becoming a police officer for Calgary but which way do I do it, since one route will take me two years of college, then applying, or else another route where I’d work full time a year, save money for moving since I already earn more than I would be getting with school, doing a ton of working out in my days off and then applying in one year.

sigh a lot to think about, so has anyone gone through a crossroad?

Wow, that is a lot to think about. I guess you have to prioritize everything and pick what’s most important and start there. It all sounds a bit overwhelming to say the least.

Yeah, I think we all go through some crossroads in our life. I was 23 and still in college but going no where. My girlfriend of six years was gone and it was time for a change, so I moved to where I’m at now. It wasn’t easy, as I was pretty sure I’d never leave my home town.

Then the whole marriage and kids thing, and all the questions about whether it was the right decision, etc.

Now we’re talking about moving away from here. That won’t be easy either, but in the end it will hopefully be for the best. But a lot to think about in where we’re going to move and the logistics of it . . .

The thing is I was complete set on the fact I want to get some Education in me as a back up just in case applying to the Calgary Police or even Vancouver or Edmonton doesn’t work out but with the specific course I am taking, I don’t know if it’ll be good for me still a few years down the road since… well, the criminal justice system always changes but it’s something that is my back up plan which I have no heart or desire for. I was asked to answer a question of why I wanted to do this, I would say just in case me being a cop doesn’t work out. My priorities at the moment is getting more fit, physically, I am ready to do it, I am ready to work as hard as I can to get what I want and I KNOW myself when I want something I will be sucessful with hard work. It’s just going to suck at the moment since both options are good but which one is the best for me, I don’t want to be a LPO for a long time either, or know my job security which is scary looking down the road, which is why I thought about going to school and part time work but then I know that won’t get me in shape.

Get an education, money will come when you’re done with it. Education pays for itself 10 fold when you apply into a real world career.

Yeah that is what I thought too, but being a Parole or Corrections officer doesn’t appeal to me. Corrections is good job security in a very high stessful environment with pay which I know will frustrate me in three or four years. Parole officers here hardly last long with clients and stuff…

If you’re already earning more than you would be with said education, then I say screw school. Schooling isn’t always the solution. Sure education can be great but at what cost? Besides I don’t know how Canada is but sometimes you don’t even end up where you want to be WITH education. You seem to already have that life experience down. You canm always do little things to improve your health. I dunno if you were thinking of going to a gym, but simply doing things around the home and workplace can cut weight. But I’m not one to be giving out exercise advice. Bottom line do what is more important to you. You need to seriously weigh your options.