D.A. Wants Paris Off Booze and in Jail

L.A. prosecutors are recommending that Paris Hilton be jailed for 45 days for violating terms of her probation, stemming from an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction. According to the Associated Press, in documents filed Monday in Superior Court, prosecutors are seeking to have Hilton’s license suspended for an additional four months. They also asked that the heiress stay […]

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Lock up the spoilt bitch, she’s lucky she didn’t go to jail fist time around, she’s now taking the piss!

45 days sounds right and if that doesn’t make her think twice next make it a year.

I agree

Lock her up for 2 years for being a dumb whore.

I really hope that she gets that jail time

Do the crime, pay the crime!!

Just had to add that one in.

just on the news shes off to jail for 45 day .:smiley:

Good. I hope bubbette rapes her.

Big Bruno says she’s got a nice arse!:smiley: