Da Pope


Looks like he may die. They just gave him his last rites, and he is in serious condition. oh well, to bad so sad!


im not catholic, but if he dies… the news will be boring til they find a new one. o well, he is just symbolic anyway.


I’m not losing sleep…I know that sound fucked but everyone dies sooner or later…


it’s not fucked up… not at all… omg the pope is going to die…


i think that’s going to become my favorite emoticon… anyways the dude’s a fossil, he looks like he’s going to shrivel up and blow away for christ’s sake…


i hope i’m right in all of these posts… or i’m going straight to hell let me tell u…


Way to show your sensitive side there champ. I’m sure a lot of people are going to appreciate it. :wtf


So how old is the Pope now any way ???


i dunno, but as of what my news is sayin this morning… dude’s 'bout to kick the bucket…


POPE JOhn paul died at 9;30 there time :dunno :dunno


hate to be an asshole, but finally


True he was failing … But he was a good man and will be missed


well that depends on your point of view :dunno


well i have to say if people are coming from all over the world to go to his funeral … Id say the man had a good effect on alot of people and there religious beliefs … And as i could see slot are young people :dunno :dunno :dunno as of this morning there were well over a 100 thousand and expecting alot more


Saleen, know exactly what you mean. But i dont think this kind of threads belong here. Because people are fucking assholes and have no respect. http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/d40431265c3203960b7ac6e06de1ce32.gif
It’s ont thing to say, O im sorry, but im not catholic. Compared to what these peopel have said. Makes me wanna fucking Puke. That im associated with these people.


well this was a nice man and was good to alot of people all over the world … The religious followed him and gave them hope … and there gona be BUTT HOLES who are gona be rude … But just ignore them there ignorant :dunno :dunno


Alright to whoever said some shit about all kinds of people coming to his funeral. There are 1.5 billion christians on the planet, that leaves 4.5 billion people unaccounted for! wtf!~! he died whoe the fuck cares there will be another pope

EDIT: I don’t mean this, I do believe I was a little trashed when posting. see my next post.


Fine saleen but this isnt something you have to be rude about OK just cause you dont agree that is just one oppinion OK :dunno :dunno


ya know what?

the next popey should be a female :smiley:


You know what Saleen… Now you’ve really lit my fire. How dare you?! If somebody comes across to you as dis-approving of something you believe in, you attack with full force. Name calling, fake facts, mud slinging, etc. But then you get your jollies off by dis-respecting some that is SO special to so many people…


What do you get out of belittling this emotionally charged, incredibly sad situation? You come in here to start fights, and laugh like a little kid? I hope someday you grow up enough to realize that there are 2 types of people in the world. People who help, and people who hurt. You are squarly in that 2nd group.

Worthless to the bone in everybodies minds but your own (kind). Enjoy life Mac. Enjoy America. We’re big enough to handle the ass holes like you.



Very well put together and thought out Intruder. I, for one, am impressed. Even made me question things myself.