Daily music recommendation thread





So, here’s some greek punk



Realist song.


This site is for youth. You shouldn’t be spreading such erotic material


I’m pretty sure anything goes right up to light ecchi.





Little loop from a teaser trailer for Arkam Origins.

By far the best trailer for any game there is.


Even better than the Paint it Black COD trailer?


You have to be joking?


scuse me

@doctapper back me up here


Arkam Origins shows more within a minute than that does in 6 minutes. Another awesome game trailer is God of War: Ascension. Which also has a good song to it.


because it’s a TV ad and not an actual trailer
and half of it is uncanny valley young bruce wayne

MGSV has probably some of the best trailers of any game ever, even if the game itself didn’t live up to the hype
probably only rivaled by WoW


Good film.



Not a big country fan, but he’s a good one.



This is the ideal song. You may not like it, but this is what peak beats sound like: