so im driving to school this morning- i pull out of neighborhood and once in 2nd gear, i hear this LOUD POP. it sounded really bad. next sound i hear is of a harley davidson- but wait- it was my car! the slower i go, the louder my exhaust… so i get up to 50- silent, down to 25- obnoxious… and a bad high pitch crackly sound. it soiunds like the header gasket blew and i have an exhaust leak. it has to be before the cats, b/c there is relatively no backpressure. once i spped up, it gets fainter.

what else could it be? im taking in the stang sat morning to get looked at by the local ford dealer. i pulled up a list of recalls and TSBs and heres what i found that is wrong with my car:

TSB # 4-10-3; MAY 04; Exhaust system- leak from RH exhaust pipe

TSB # 2-1-4; JAN 02; Engine Head Gasket- approved replacement procedures

TSB # 01-10-8; MAY 01; Driveline- whining noise on coastdown

TSB # 00-21-2; OCT 00; Hood- difficult to close

i think the 1st 2 are what happened today- the others have been there, but i want to get it all checked out. i dont want to get pulled over for a noise violation then turn around and get ticketed for my window tint as well.

¿¿What could be wrong with my car??


whats the “RH exhaust pipe”?

i thought maybe “right hand” but your car came with single exhaust…

either way id be intersted to know as well since my car is similar to yours :smiley:


right hand header to y pipe… somewhere in there, there is a leak… im taking it into the dealer friday morning. i have the print out of the TSBs. should they repair it for free, cheap, or high?


At least exhaust leaks are an easy chep fix in most cases. Good luck. :gears


thanks, i guess we’ll see how it goes friday… if they have to replace the gasket for the headers, about how much $ should that set me back- even though it is a TSB?


that really sucks. I hope it wont be too hard for you to fix


If you’re sure it’s your header gasket, I wouldn’t even take it in. It’s just a few bolts. Take a flashlight out there, and check it out. You’ll be surprised how simple it can be.


If you do take it in, he’ll probably charge you 1 hour labor. So figure between $40 and $80 bucks depending on where you take it. That is unless you Stang guys have some crazy exhaust set-up that I’ve never heard of before. :dunno


well, im not 100% sure… but i have about 5 total TSBs on my car that can be fixed for i dont know how much $ ford charges. i would assume it should be free if it is a recall or TSB, but i could be wrong. ill get ford to diagnose it and if it will cost money for labor and i can do it, ill do it.


cool, let us know what happens.


just because theirs a TSB doesnt mean that your problem is related to one of them… dude, a loud pop and then an exhaust leak? thats strange.


well the loud pop may be backfire, cuz in 2nd gear driving in my neighborhood, i can constantly hear backfire- kinda like several pops back to back in a rhythm, im assuming its backfire. the first loud pop was of a loud exhaust sound.


is the sound only coming from your exhaust?..(as opposed to the engine area)


directly under the passenger floor board. i actually just got back from the dealer and they will take a look at it. i hope it isnt a bid deal. what the hell is up with a diagnostic fee? it doesnt cost 70 bucks to diagnose the damn thing… w/e though.


these places always add “fees” to screw you. if i were you though, if something IS wrong, (well obvioulsy it is, but assuming they know what it is), i wouild ask them to roll the 70$ into the cost of the repair - its good business practice, and cheaper for your wallet :smiley:

can cats explode? could it be that?

whatever thugh, i guess they will figure it out (hopefully)


it sounds wierd. i thought at first i “hollowed” out my cat and the metal inside it was loose but it isnt being muffled at all. yea, i told the guy what i thought it could be, and if it turns out to be that way, im not paying the diagnostic fee cuz i just needed it fixed, not diagnosed… either way, i can negotiate.


cool, well - good luck :cool


thanks, ill keep ya informed


:wtf ford said i need a new cat- 800 bucks! BS i looked online and the most expensive cats for my car stock are 500, 300 for labor :wtf so now im goin to get my car and try not to pay the 70 dollar diagnostic fee. ill say i knew that was wrong i wanted a quote, not a diagnosis. and then ill go to the muff shop and get them to bypass the cat with a straight pipe or somethin. this sucks.


well, they could just as easily tell you “quotes arent free”, but either way i agree you shouldnt have to pay for that. when you get your car you should also tell them they shouldnt rip people off like that -