Damn block party

So the subdivision my parents live in is having a big block party to kick off Spring Break. The started closing down the streets around 3 this afternoon and, while annoying, was a huge deal. But then the people started showing up and parking in the area for those of us that don’t have driveways. So when we got home for dinner, my brother moved his car so we could park and then tried to find a place for his car. He ended up having to very awkwardly park his car in the tiny little bit of a driveway we have. We’ve had people speeding through the roads and generally disobeying all traffic laws. Now they have a band playing so loud, I can hear it over the TV and Dominic’s music playing. Don’t they realize that some of us have small children that go to bed early and we would rather not have them being woken up? I’m just hoping that once his CD ends, Dominic won’t get woken up by some idiot driving crazy or the music blaring outside.

oh that sucks girl good luck with that tonight

Sounds like fun . . .for everyone else but you guys. I don’t have a problem with people having as much fun as possible - but when it starts to interfere with other’s rights to their privacy and peace . . . have you thought about calling the cops? After a certain time of night, I’m sure there’s a noise ordinance or something.

It’s being run by the subdivision so I don’t think I’ll have much luck with the police. We went down there earlier and it was a bunch of “rich” people way overdressed and complaining about everything they could possible think of while eat overprice hamburgers and hotdogs. I hate the people that live around here.

You still could call the police and complain about the noise. The people who run the subdivision are not immune to noise complaints. Bust their ass! :smiley:

Don’t tempt me. They already have a bunch of officers here so they would have to go far but I think they’ve stopped. I can’t hear the music anymore, at least.

There are police there at the party? Well, that makes things easier. It’s what, about 9PM there? It probably needs to be quiet by at least 10PM. I think it’s 9PM here that our noise ordinance takes effect.

Yeah, it’s 9 but the band has stopped so can’t complain about that. Now it’s just the idiots speeding through the streets.

Well, throw out some nails in the road - that’ll stop 'em :smiley:

Or maybe get a bullhorn and a recording of police sirens - then when they speed by, you just play the siren recording into the bullhorn and really freak them out :smiley:

Good idea, except I’m trying NOT to wake up the baby.

Sorry, wasn’t thinking. I guess you can’t fight noise with more noise. :frowning:

Well, hopefully things will calm down more as the evening progresses.

I think it would work perfectly if Dominic wasn’t sleeping. I doubt it’ll calm down too much with all the overpriced bber and wine they’re serving but I’m hoping that all wake up with terrible headaches.l

Well, hopefully they won’t wake up your son. I know that would really get me mad if we had that happen here.

One of our neighbors plays drums in a band, and they practice at her house some nights. But she is really nice and told me to call them immediately if they were playing too loud. It’s nice to have neighbors like that.

Yeah, our immdiate neighbors are awesome and are really good about the noise level beause we have zero lot lines in the section were in (the houses are just a few feet apart). But people in the other sections think they’re better than everyone and could care less about anything around them. But it’s been quiet for awhile so I think the worse is over. And the baby slept through it all so I’m happy.

Wow Amber. That’s awful. I’m glad it died down. And without police intervention.

My dad used to stand in the front yard and hold a 3 and 5 up with his hands. He tailed a dump truck once and almost threw himself out sideways on the highway to cut him off because he passed my dad really fast on a two lane road in a populated area. I have my dad’s temper, unfortunately. I’d have probably done the same.