Damn theese are bad ass


Comp Modular Xtreme Energy Camshafts - 4V Race/Limited Street


Saving up for them, and the springs.


wow… lol


I want some bloody cams myself. Need LTs first though. :booze


Thats what I got they have a rough stalling sound idle…Mean ass sounding though and they didn’t mess up mu cpu wich was cool. The cam swap added like 22 HP


1000.00 for 22hp…I don’t get it guys… another look at the cams’ spec…not sure why all inphaiss on the intake lift,duration,I didn’t think the heads flowed that well on the exhaust side?


well i have a different motor then a GT, and tuned i seen plus 35 to the wheels. and its going to come alot more then just 1100


mach1registry im gettign no replies, it sucks…


:agree that’s alot of hack for 22-35hp…


Yeah, it is a lot of dough. But after the cams, the motor will respond better to future mods. So it’s not just 35 hp you’re looking at.