Damn you chip!


i have been trying for the yeti trophy forever!!! AND i was trying to be the first to 10,000 tokens!!! you have taken both away from me!!! :fu :fu :fu


chip’s been the luckies mother fucker alive in the last 2 days :lol


SERIOUSLY - i have been batting that dang penguin all day and i keep getting at most 9000 or maybe 10000… he tried and hit 13000??? how many frickin mines did you have to hit in row chip??


i hit like 13 mines in a row :owned


haha u bastard


bastard… i’ve been doing the same thing as you guys… i play it about 50-60 times a day… damn you chip…


Chip for prez :dunno


I swear he’s been playin it for 5 hours a day for the last week :gears


who - me or chip?

(ive been doing it too… )


I’ve been playing a lot too…that fugger…lol


I was so proud of my 12 something that I thought it would never be touched. Then like 3 days later the damn thing was taken away from me. LOL. Now I don’t even bother anymore. I’ve probably wacked 20-25 penguins tops since the. :lol :lol


And you game players say Im a WHORE LOL …youll are totally addicted :lol :lol :lol