Damn you people with morning jobs


How come after midnight it’s me and Booze as the only two guys left online?

You all need second shift jobs, or to be rich and not have to work at a set time like Booze.


what do you mean? :smiley: Im hurr…


yeah now you show up but you’ve been hiding all damn night.


i was… hrmmm… :hump


Cuz he’s teh fraid of me. He thinks I’m mad at heeem. http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/394b47b6954e62a64f0415cd7f7a1b8f.gif


To be honest I am on almost every single night all night. I stay up most every single night and then sleep until about 10 during the day or so. My sleep patterns can cary greatly. Been a couple days since I have been to sleep this time though, so I will be off to bed shortly. Most of the time I am lurking on here by myself and around 1 or so white2000gt gets on, and odis, and I have ppl to talk to.


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Well now I’m going to go have my last cig and go to bed. lol

I got lots of hot chica’s to talk to tomorrow, and only 6 hours to do it in! :smiley:

stupid having to work while at work… who would have thought? :dunno


dont forget me :fu


i got to wake up early tommorrow! 10am on my day off. pick up my dad at the harley shop. And then at noon do a [size=7]HUGE[/size] final report due real soon. WHICH we still have a a final for that class. im fucking :owned


i gotta get up at 9:30 to get ready for work. Well, I could sleep till 10:30… but I like having lots of spare time and not rush. So I still have to wake up earlier than you. :smiley:


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wakin up at 730 bishes dont complain


7:00am here. No Prob


Odis, Favilicious, DocHoliday, and myself all have to be at work at 0730. But, we are like 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time, so it seems like we are on later than we actually are.


Are you really in Spain?


where the hell is everyone its only 330 am!


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Yup. Rota, Spain


I’m on at night and no one posts


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Si. Me llama es White2000GT. No Habla Espanol. Yo Quiero Taco Bell.



Sorry, I have 2 kids to take care of. I have to wake up at 6:30 to get my son off to school, then get waked up at 8 by jacob, then I am up all day from there. lol