This rocks. I got up at noon, got dressed and went to get some food.

I drive by one of those time/temp signs and it said 92.

Yes, 92! Just last week it wouldn’t get above 70 and would dip into the 30s at night. Now it’s still in the 70s at night.

Summer owns, now I just need to find somebody with a pool. :smiley:


go to a lake


uh… yeah…

Closest lake is about an hour away.


get a hose and spray yourself with it


haha I’m not going to go to my parents to spray myself down, besides I’m wearing a white tshirt… you’d like to see that wouldn’t you? Sick bastard…


I’d rather see you get crushed by a mac truck but thats just a dream…j/k…lol




:lol sorry…don’t know what came over me


92 outside and 78 in the apartment. if I had a kickass job the AC would be on right now. Instead I’m content with a few windows open… even though my neighbors like to chat as they walk by. I really hate my neighbors.


drink some beers


I have one beer in the fridge and I have to work in 2 and a half hours.


it got up to 92 here today, and high 80’s yesterday. I sat by the pool all day both days, and had a bunch of people over and grilled out last night.


^^ that’s why I can’t wait to hopefully get into this new job. 14/hour. I won’t need a second job to make ends meet.

That and the owner is thinking of closing down the east of chicago I work at since he’s barely covering expenses.


yeah, its the end of the school year and the weather is great. girls are out in bikini’s and every one is grilling out. I’m just milking my sunburn… this is after day one, i cant wait to see what i turn out looking like after today…




Summer owns, now I just need to find somebody with a pool. :D[/quote]

come to my house :banana

woot its hot up here too!!!

women in summer are hot… and they are rdy for :rock


1 beer wont kill you


I’m not going to have any alcohol in my system while I’m DELIVERING FOOD USING MY OWN CAR WHILE BEING PAID.

moron. lol

Anyway, nothing like a cold shower to help cool ya off. it’s up to 80 in my apartment with these windows open.


I think I would be in hell if I had to go without an air conditioner in 92 degree weather. Thats what the temp is here too and I am a wussy when it comes to staying outside. We went to the Water Park yesterday for only like 3 hrs and I was wore out just only from the sun. I’m not an outside kinda girl. Heck, the air conditoner is going out in our Durango and thats torture enough driving around with no air!


hell, its been mid 80s for a month or so in mid-east GA. my dad lives about 15 minutes away from me and he has a nice house on the lake. i went out riding the jet ski today. i owned some races with other jet skiers. i was on the polaris. he has a faster sea doo that should be back from the shop in a few weeks. it tops out at 64mph. not too bad. i should win more races on it though.

the lake is so cool, from tubing, to wakeboarding… it is soo kickass. we have a new sport- rafting- where you take a canvas raft and lay on your stomach and hug it and hold a ski handle underneath it and squeez tight. you get pulled like a tube sort of, but you can lean the opposite way into a turn and pull barrel rolls and shit. the best part is getting 2 equally skilled rafters going at the same time and playing “king of the lake” where you try knock the other rafter off. there are a few ways to win- hit them, tug on their ski rope, or my favorite- wedgy/ pull down shorts- they have to let go! i love the lake :rock


tonight just owned.

As soon as I got to work at 5:30… it just started downpouring. There went the grilling weather! We were slammed from 6 to 8:30. I had 14 deliveries over about 9 runs taking two each most of the night.

That’s how it’s supposed to be. People get mad at me when I say I’d rather it be raining or snowing over the weekend. lol