i just added up the gas it takes just to go to work and back and it costs me roughly 7 dollars a day just to go to work and school. that sucks so bad. its hard enough going to school and working at the same time. it seems like most of my check goes to gas. :frowning:


that does suck I live on base and have to still drive almost 7 miles to work


i drive 25 miles to work, luckily school is less that a mile from where i work. then 25 miles back home. i live in the country so that is the closest real city near me. damn…that just sucks…


thats a lot of miles everyday


yup, then i added 200 miles per weekend for whatever and my gas bill for two weeks came to about 125$ made me want to cry…


that almost makes me want to cry for you


especially for someone who only clears about 375 every two weeks…thats alot of money. plus i gotta eat, well not anymore, im gonna start bringing lunch or skippin lunch for now on.


that might be a wise choice



damn man…


I just made 3/4 tank last for a week and 4 days… and it only cost me 25.25 to put 9.xx gallons in. 2.79 a gallon baby! Gotta love PREMIUM gas in an econobox car.


Re: RE: damnit…

[quote=kplays_kitty]right now it cost almost $65 just to fill my gas tank
and it doesn’t help, i only get 16-18 miles per gallon[/quote]

We must own the same damn vehicle! :smiley:


I get about 400 miles to the tank in my danger ranger so I gues thats averages to about 22 miles per gallon


lol, i drive 23ish miles to school and then about a mile from my house to work. I only get about well withone day of work 30 dollars, and if tow then about 60-70 dollars. This is goig to suck for me because school starts in around 7 days.


Yeah, my gas bill makes me want to cry, scream, yell, steal….ooppss wait I didn’t mean steal…LoL!! Between my husband and I, our gas bill is at least $100+ a week. He works about 8 miles from home, plus for some reason insists putting super in that #%%@)$ Stang. I work about 18 miles from home, plus we use my car when going anywhere with family. So all the kids’ activities, picking up other kids, taking them to the movies, etc. Forget going anywhere on the weekends. That $100+ a week is staying home. After just putting $30 in my Maxima and barely getting a half tank I refuse to go use it all up partying.

And I want an Expedition???


Re: RE: damnit…

Next time you go to buy an SUV try looking at a honda pilot, my dad got one a few months back, and him and my mom are in love with it, a good peppy v6 (i can vouche for that my self, its a pretty solid engine) Tows their 19ft boat with ease, All wheel drive, and the pleasure of a v6’s gas mileage in a SUV


Re: RE: damnit…

You know the cost that comes with it, you know the horrid gas mileage that comes with it? why don’t you try buying something smaller with at least 25 mpg? You absolutely refuse to drive anything that’s efficient because you don’t want to sacrifice sitting 80 feet in the air so you can see everything, right?

You’re not the lady in the 20 ton H2 hummer that was tailgating me the other day in a rush while talking on the cell phone, were you? The one who when she finally got around me proceeded to do 80 mph in a 35 blowing through two yellow lights in plain daylight?


I drive 50 miles to and from work (100 miles a day) in my Mustang. I get 13-15 City and 18-20 Hwy so it realy does suck. I need a Motorcycle or a fuel eficiant car BAD :tard


Re: RE: damnit…

Well, that’s my problem. I’ve always had a large vehicle…used to have a conversion van, trucks…and plenty of SUV’s. That’s all I ever had. When we got rid of my van I decided I wanted a nice 4 door sedan to cart the baby around in. The thought of climbing in and out of a big SUV to put the baby in its seat didn’t appeal to me while I was preggo. Now I’m really wishing I had an SUV. Our family is too big…and extended family even bigger. Anytime I want to go anywhere with family we have to take several vehicles instead of just one like we always used to.

As far as gas mileage, my Maxima really does not get that great of gas mileage. I’m sure it’s better than an Expy…but not too much. I think I get about 15-16ish in the city…and that’s all my driving in the city…or highways that are stop and go worse than the regular streets. On trips it gets about 20-22 on the hwy though.) An Expy says it gets 14city/18hwy…not much less than I’m getting now. But as pissed off I am at gas prices, adding one penny to my gas bill right now is farthest from what I want.

Once it starts to come back down, I will go get my Expy. But, I’m sure we’ll never see $1.50 again, or probably even $1.80 for that matter…man this is a mess!!!


I told him :smiley: