Since it has been YEARS since I have gone on an actual date, How do you do it? I am so nervous about it. When is the appropiate time to sleep with someone, kiss someone, ect? Tell me everything yall know! LOL

im pretty sure everyone on the forum will tell you how fast you want to go is up to you.

make good conversation, make sure there isn’t anything iffy about him that’ll turn you off, and goodnight kisses are always great.

sex? hell, you’re both adults. figure it out for yourselves.

When he comes to pick you up, be sure to be topless when you answer the door. Men love that.

When you get to the restaurant, pay for everything. Then take him back home and sleep with him… several times through the night.

err wait, sorry… that’s the ultimate best ever first date for a guy.

Best advice I can give ya Vs is…


ok ok, all kidding aside; just go and be yourself. Don’t think of it as a mandatory meeting at work where you have to act all stiff and bored. Open up, chat, smile, just have fun.

james i didnt know you had been on dates before? lol.

V- dont think of it as a date…that sounds too formal. Think of it as going out with a new friend. When we say the word date we give a preconceived notion to ourself and the other person that we are attracted to them…you don’t know, you never know what might happen…you might end up not liking each other…on the other hand youmight REALLY like each other. Just let things happen how they want to happen.

In all trueness, I think Vs was just dating Joe the last time I was on a date… :wink:

^^^^ +1

when he opens the car door for you look over to his side to see if its locked if it is reach over and unlock it for him…if he doesn’t hold the door for you I would question just how much of a gentleman this guy really is…sex well thats tricky…you don’t want to give it up too fast you will come off as easy and the guy will lose respect for you…guys say they wont but they do…personally if i was you I would make him work for it…don’t let alcohol impare you judgement either on that subject…going dutch isn’t a bad thing either…but if he’s asking you out I would hope he was paying for the whole date…when you go out try to stay away from the movies at first…do things that you 2 can do together and get to know each other…bowling is great and so is shooting pool…and if he’s deserving at the end of the date give him a light kiss…not a big sloppy kiss but something on the innocent side…

Haha! Bacon, you got that first bit from A Bronx Tale"!:smiley: Just be yourself Veronica and just move things along as slow or fast as you feel comfortable and don’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing.:slight_smile:

not just…thats something I always thought was the right thing to do

make sure he pays you if you suck his peepee! no im just kidding. DONT suck his peepee or he wont see you as a “relationship” kind of girl!

If he’s knob is a peepee then keep the rabbit!:smiley: :wink:

I reckon no kiss no hugs no nothing for the first date. If he’s not paying or being a gentlemen or talk too much of himself, then it’s OVER! Make him pay the effort to chase you if you like him; if you don’t, make it clear so he could beat it.

Is that why you’re still single?:wink:

I am still single cuz I am not doing what I suggested. :tongue:

Lol, I’m just thinking that, yeah, what you are suggesting is perfect but no bloke is perfect, nor is any woman. I just find that a very high if not impossible standard. Don’t go for rat bags but give us a bit of slack eh?:wink:

holy crap bacon that’s basically what I would have said!! You’re good!

bacons ego meter just rose. :tongue:

I would love to give you advice V but I am beginning to realize that first second or third dates I kinda suck at(and by kinda I mean really). The only way I have been able to get a girl is to have known them for a while at first, so they know who I am cause I come off as being pretty weird at first.

Listen to Bacon. These words are golden.

I can give good advoce and I practice what I preach when it comes to this stuff but I can’t seem to find a girl that appreciates it…irony is a very funny thing…same with a lot of my friends…I’ve introduced a lot of my friends to their now wives, husbands, or fiance but I can’t seem to find a lasting relationship myself…oh well…

thanks by the way