Dead Babies


I just heard on the news about this 39 yr old women in Germany who just got caught with 9 dead babies buried in her garden and flower buckets!!!
The news said the births range from 1988 to 2004! :wtf
She did this 9 times!!! What gets me is that there are people in this world who are dying to have children and cant and she is given the gift to be able to bear children and she murders all of them!! It blows me away!


I have an aunt and uncle that have been unable to have kids. They are good people, work, own their home, etc. No reason they shouldnt have kids. Stories like this really get to them for just what you said. It doesnt make any sense. For some reason God allows evil to happen. I guess if he picked what evil could be on this earth it wouldnt be the same.

I know the reasoning…but especially when it comes to a child it doesnt always make sense.