Deadbeat dads


Discuss! my brothers dad recently failed to see him again!


Haven’t seen mine in 12 years.


this is intended as a serious topic haha


Opposite for me, my mother cheated on my dad and my dad supported me independently and through a house fire by himself. I still live with him and pay my own part of the bills.


What is the point of this discussion? Are you trying to say that all dad’s are deadbeats or what?


My dad was the kindest person in the world, until there was alcohol in his system. It destroyed him and our family. I’ve been the man of the house for a decade now. The anger is still there, but our lives are much better.

Crazy what alcohol can do to a person when they don’t have control over it.


People forget that alchohol is a drug, one that has a strong impact on cognition and is actually quite addictive relative to other substances,


UPDATE my bro was just on phone to his dead and all he seemed to be able to say was yep he was stupidly disinterested even when my brother mentioned some extremely sad news (which i wont discuss here) to him.