Dear penis


very funny


I have that album…its hilarious


WOW guys are so HUNG on there DICKS they write songs about it :dunno :dunno


I saw that a few years ago. I sent it to my dad. :slight_smile:

I knew what it was the second I saw the title. :slight_smile:


dear rodney, when your drunk, you put me places ive never been before… :lol


That is so hilaries … guys think that part of there bodies so important heheheheh in chat rooms they have web cams just to show there DICKS to every one … nice they think there so important :lol :lol


what chat rooms do you go to? :gay :wtf


You dont go in some of the yahoo chat rooms ???Youd be suprised i have seen every thing :dunno :dunno


nope, i dont go to chatrooms. once when i was about 12-13, i had a friend sleep over and we were on his aim sn, and we went to a lesbian chat room to fuck around and this DUDE tarted im’ing us to the extent that we changed his sn. it was emotionally scarring. he probly wanted to rape us. what a fag.


well what did you expect i bet you was teasing that old DUDE Hum … Bad Boy :lol :lol


no, me and my friend thought we were in a legit lesbian chat room. we couldnt figure out why the girls kept saying asl and typed the same message over and over real fast and had their own websites. looking back on it, i was a dumb kid…


well how old were you ??? thats why babies arent suppose to be in those chat rooms :dunno :dunno


So that’s where you spend all of your spare time, staring at penises. Your naughty T.

That song was funny as hell by the way. I loved the ending. “hey Rodney, when your shaving, how about shaving my balls” :laughing


Wow Booze if you wont your balls shaved /////// wouldnt you rather a girl do it :dunno :dunno


No, I don’t trust anyone but myself with sharp objects around Big Chris and the twins. :wtf


:dunno I dont trust anyone shaving me down there either…

you know something… I actually tried to get joe to shave my legs once when I was pregnant ( couldnt reach over the belly very well) but he refused… ;(


No, I don’t trust anyone but myself with sharp objects around Big Chris and the twins. :wtf[/quote]

I agree but some times it is very sexual especially when your in the shower together ??? and V not cleaning your feet either :lol :lol :lol




huh that sucks for yall i shaved my girlfriends bush once and i enjoyed it. but on a funnier note i use clippers to shave everything and two weeks ago i caught the seem of my sack in the teeth of the clippers. :smiley: yyyyyyyyooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww is what all my roommate heard.


“” sucks for yall he or she shaved his or her girlfriends bush and he or she enjoyed it ? I get . Is it very comfortable?