Deathbed Confession Could Lead To Execution

[CENTER] Man Faces Murder Charge After ‘Deathbed’ Confession

                                                                                                                                                                               (Newser)                                  – An Oklahoma man's effort to leave the world with a clear conscience has left him facing a murder charge after his premature "deathbed" confession, the [I]Independent[/I] reports. The man, believing he he was moments from death after suffering a stroke, called police from the hospital and confessed to killing a neighbor in Tennessee 32 years ago. He later recovered and surrendered to authorities. 
                                       "He wanted to cleanse his soul, because he thought he was going to the great beyond," said an investigator in Tennessee, where the man skipped bail on a first-degree murder charge in 1977.

Man Faces Murder Charge After ‘Deathbed’ Confession - US news | Newser

Bet he regrets that now! :eek

Hahahaha, fucking brilliant!

Well shit.

Sucks for him!

He certainly regrets it lol

Probably doesn’t.

Thought he was going to die, wanted absolvement, if he’s a religous man (which he must be obviously) this has worked out great for him.
Probably thinks most of his punishment will now come from his execution and not in the afterlife.