Demonic possession may cause schizophrenia


[SIZE=5][B] demonic possession may cause schizophrenia[/B][/SIZE]

‘’ A new paper in the [I]Journal of Religion and Health[/I] written by M. Kimal Irmak, on “The High Council of Science, Gulhane Military Academy, Ankara, Turkey,” suggests that some schizophrenics might actually be possessed by [I]demons[/I], and therefore might be cured by faith healers rather than mental-health professionals. The abstract tells most of the story:

Schizophrenia is typically a life-long condition characterized by acute symptom exacerbations and widely varying degrees of functional disability. Some of its symptoms, such as delusions and hallucinations, produce great subjective psychological pain. The most common delusion types are as follows: ‘‘My feelings and movements are controlled by others in a certain way’’ and ‘‘They put thoughts in my head that are not mine.’’ Hallucinatory experiences are generally voices talking to the patient or among themselves. Hallucinations are a cardinal positive symptom of schizophrenia which deserves careful study in the hope it will give information about the pathophysiology of the disorder. We thought that many so-called hallucinations in schizophrenia are really illusions related to a real environmental stimulus. One approach to this hallucination problem is to consider the possibility of a demonic world. Demons are unseen creatures that are believed to exist in all major religions and have the power to possess humans and control their body. Demonic possession can manifest with a range of bizarre behaviors which could be interpreted as a number of different psychotic disorders with delusions and hallucinations. The hallucination in schizophrenia may therefore be an illusion—a false interpretation of a real sensory image formed by demons. A local faith healer in our region helps the patients with schizophrenia. His method of treatment seems to be successful because his patients become symptom free after 3 months. Therefore, it would be useful for medical professions to work together with faith healers to define better treatment pathways for schizophrenia.

Irmak’s evidence for possession is the similarity between behaviors of patients with schizophrenia and those supposedly possessed by demons (hallucinations, disorganized speech, etc.). He then floats his idea of demonic possession, saying that many scholars accept demons as a reality. Irmak even gives the characteristics of demons )!:

Illusions are transformations of perceptions, with a mixing of the reproduced perceptions of the subject’s fantasy with the real perceptions. One approach to this hallucination problem is to consider the possibility of a demonic world.

In our region, demons are believed to be intelligent and unseen creatures that occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. In many aspects of their world, they are very similar to us. They marry, have children, and die. The life span, however, is far greater than ours (Ashour 1989). Through their powers of flying and invisibility, they are the chief component in occult activities. The ability to possess and take over the minds and bodies of humans is also a power which the demons have utilized greatly over the centuries (Littlewood 2004; Gadit and Callanan 2006; Ally and Laher 2008).[B]Most scholars accept that demons can possess people and can take up physical space within a human’s body (Asch 1985). They possess people for many reasons. Sometimes it is because they have been hurt accidentally, but possession may also occur because of love (Ashour 1989; Philips 1997). When the demon enters the human body, they settle in the control center of the body–brain. Then, they manifest themselves and take control of the body through the brain (Whitwell and Barker 1980; Littlewood 2004; Gadit and Callanan 2006; Ally and Laher 2008). Demonic possession can manifest with a range of bizarre behaviors which could be interpreted as a number of different psychotic disorders (Al-Habeeb 2003; Boddy 1989).[/B]

[INDENT]It has been shown by[B] World Health Organization (WHO)[/B] studies that faith healers may help patients with psychiatric disorders (Gater et al. 1991). Currently, the churches in the United Kingdom retain the services of faith healers (Friedli 2000), the task of whom is to expel the demons in cases of real possession. Rollins is an Anglican priest in London. Prior to the priesthood, he was a trained and qualified psychiatrist. He turned to the priesthood and exorcist feeling that medicine failed to address certain human sufferings (Leavey 2010). Similarly, B. Erdem is a local faith healer in Ankara who expels the evil demons from many psychiatric patients with the help of good ones. B. Erdem contends that on occasions, the manifestation of psychiatric symptoms may be due to demonic possession. An important indicator of his primary suspicions about the possession is that, if someone has auditory hallucinations, he would remain alert to the possibility that he might be demonically possessed. His method of treatment seems to be successful because his patients become symptom free after 3 months.’’

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Guys,please don’t laugh or joke about schizophrenia on this earth. This does happen to real people in families. I have a brother in my family that has mild schizophrenia. When his mind his not in a good head space, he tends to say the F word with other swear words in front of it. He imagines that people are talking in his head saying things to him. Example my brother tonight was talking aloud to himself about something. I don’t catch what it say because he says in full of filth and cursing words. Anyways he was talking to himself and every third word he was using was the F word. He was saying that he was talking to his “Black boss about me being in a mogel mob”.My mum was asking my brother “Who are you talking to?” He said “I was talking to his black boss in a mongel mob”. "I was explaining to him about his behaviour couple of weeks back"
My mum and I said “You’re dreaming!” My older brother said “Nah, he was F***** talking to me about how I was going to raid his house”. My Mum and I said “Stop saying the F word around here” This was about 9pm here in NZ.
Was similar talk like that he was going on tonight. Round about 11pm after my brother had a smoke outside, he came in the hallway, saying the F word multiple times. Again my mum and I told him off for swearing. My mum told him off as she was going to sleep. I said “Are we going to go through this again” By this time, I went in my bedroom and close my door. My older brother was past my bedroom door and said “And you are just the mongrel mob”

We are a christian family and believe in Jesus. Now my brother does take medication for his mental illness but seems sometimes to have no effect on him. He goes to the doctors to get his meds renewed so often but he has been told by doctors that he is not allowed to drink booze,smoke,(I mean tobacco) cigarettes. But guess what he does, he cigarettes more than the booze. He buys booze now and then,not always. This in turn affects his medication, this is why he swears alot around the house because he won’t do what the doctors says, thus why we have to suffer his swearing and smoking around our house. My mum and I look after our son at home. My concern is when my son is older is that my son will copy his uncle, my older brothers swearing.

I have prayed to the Lord now and then to Jesus about my older brother that he will come back to Jesus and following his ways. At times I feel like I can keep praying till I’m am blue in the face about my older brother and not sure if I am getting anywhere with God or not. I do trust God with my whole life and everything I do, I try to put him first. I guess for me, I cannot know that God will do these things instantly but knowing to trust God will do them in his perfect timing.

I hope and pray that someone will reply to this and see that mental illness not no way a laughing matter. Is schizophrenia a possession by the devil? By what my brother was saying I would say it would be more likely that he is possessed. I am staking my claim on this because if schizophrenic people are showing or exhibiting signs of their personality as talking to other people in their head and verbally cursing and swearing a loud to whoever they are talking to then I am certain that they are possessed. Just want to know if anyone knows of a good prayer for mental illness and schizophrenia. I do have one in my bedroom just wondering if others have other prayers for mental illness as well.

I pray that someone will reply to this.

Brother in Christ
Matthew Scott