We talk a lot about politics in YD and that’s great. However I’d love to start more discussions about personal struggles that people might face. Depression is a subject I’m very open and candid about. It seems like every few years I go through a cycle of depression that really takes a toll on my mind and my body.

I am now “seasoned” enough to be able to tell when I’m in depression and work towards getting out of it without the use of medicine. My depression usually centers around work or the people I have around me. The first real depression I faced was due to being stuck in a city and around friends that didn’t motivate me and were often two faced around me. It took me a year to realize I was depressed before I took any action. When I realized it I packed a suitcase and moved. I surrounded myself with intellectual, ambitious and positive people that wanted to see me succeed instead of fail. I woke up each day with a mission and started focusing on everything good that’s happening in my life. That truly turned my life around and I wont be where I am today if I hadn’t done that.

I understand that this isn’t the case for everyone and that everyone has their own way of coping. I wouldn’t say I suffer with an extreme case of it as others might, but I know I’m not too far away from that. I’ve tried to train my mind to not go into such an extreme depression and work my way out of it as soon as I realize it. Just some advice: heavy drinking only eases the pain temporarily. Very, very short term solution.

I think this needs to be talked about more, especially with the youth. Many people suffer from it and don’t even know yet worse, too afraid to admit or talk about it. I plan on also starting lessons with a “life coach” who to me will be like a psychiatrist. Talk therapy is really helpful to me.

Are you able to sense when you’re going through depression? What are the main causes of it? How do you get out of it? Have you noticed your friends go through this without saying a thing about it?


I definitely think it’s a problem in today’s society, especially among young people. A lot of the issue is that people don’t want to talk to others about how they’re feeling, as they think they’re a burden or their mental problems don’t matter. (That’s completely not true, your mental health is incredibly important and should be treated as such). So I completely respect you @shaz for saying how you feel and how you felt.

I think everyone goes through depressed stages, so please don’t think that you’re abnormal or odd if you have depression or you go through these stages. The best thing is to talk to someone about it. Please don’t suffer on your own. I know how difficult it is to tell your friends, your parents and your doctor. Trust me, I’ve been there, but telling people was the best thing I could have done for my health, because it got me the help that I needed.

If anyone on YD needs someone to talk to, I’m always here for every one of you. I know I’m not a professional, I’m not trying to be, and expert advice will always be more important than what I’ve got to say. But if anyone needs a friend, someone to talk to about problems or just to have someone to listen, you can always drop me a message (even just say “hey, I feel crap” and I will always reply. I don’t want anyone here to feel like you’re alone, because you’re not.


I’ve never been diagnosed with bipolar, but I often go through some days. Some days I feel more optimistic and others I just feel like nothing. No emotion whatsoever. Usually around the end of the year, I go through some pretty shitty times, but fuck it.

Family problems, finances, among other personal conflicts.

Accept and say fuck it, then just continue.

No. None of my friends show any signs of depression or anything like that. They’re pretty affluent and living the times of their lives.


I usually just trudge through my episodes, we can act like people want to listen to you but in reality nobody wants to sit and listen to a depressed kid talk about his issues.

I can attest that heavy drinking, or drinking in general, doesn’t really help at all, especially if you’re a sad drunk to begin with. The best you can get is temporary relief.

It comes and goes, really. I probably have it better than others since I can make it through without meds. I probably won’t ever seek help for it.


I’m proud of you and anyone else who finds a way out of such a debilitating mental illness - with or without the use of drugs.

However, I believe that the teenagers of my generation are weaklings. Everyone you meet suffers from some form of mental illness. Anxiety, depression etc etc. They have it all. And it’s absolutely ridiculous. Just because you get stressed abuot exams doesn’t mean you have anxiety. Because you’re sad doesn’t mean you’re depressed. Sadness and stress comes and goes. Depression is something that stays around constantly. And it makes me really upset to see so many young people glamorizing such an awful illness.

Do not get me wrong. I absolutely believe that young people can have mental illnesses that are horrible and awful and I am not excusing that or trying to make them seem like they’re being ridiculous. But many teenagers believe they have all these mental illness but it’s just so so dumb. It’s like they want to have mental illnesses.

I am one of the very few stable people in my year at school. My family intact, my mental health absolutely fine (yes, I get stressed. Yes, I get sad. But that does not mean I am depressed or anxious). Physically I am great. Academically, am fine (this isn’t me bragging, it’s me explaining my situation here). However, I’ve been surrounded by people with depression and “depression”. My first best friend was basically screwed in the head and wouldn’t get help no matter how hard I tried. SHe had some serious mental issues. My second best friend had no trace of depression and really no reason to have it - she developed it and tried really really really hard to help. I mean I piled her issues up onto my back so I could lighten the load on her but she backstabbed me, left without even a thank you.

My current best friend is struggling because of familial issues but she isn’t even close to as draining as my second best friend. My other best friend is basically in the same boat as me. I’m happier to be around them now.

And my SO had depression for at least 8 months. With work and effort and the determination to overthrow it, he got off his meds completely (he used to take the max amount of a really strong anti depressant) and he tells me it’s because of me. I really believe that if you want to get rid of your depression and you hate living with it, you can find a way around eventually. You will get rid of it eventually.

I’ve been surrounded by it and you can tell who is genuine and who wants attention. Reminding everyone that I believe that people my age can have mental illnesses and they should seek help but so many people are just so fake/weak that it makes me mad, you know. It demeans those with actual illnesses ya feel. But good on all of you for working your way through your problems. I’m always around to talk, just like @Frankie, if you need it. I can’t always relate because I haven’t had any mental illnesses but I can listen and help you out as much as I can.


Have you noticed a pattern as to why it happens? For example, when I felt the stress of work mixed in with the betrayal of friends, I started noticing I got in a depressive state of mind.

Is it one more than the other? For example, if there were no money issues yet family issues, do you think you’d still feel depressed or bipolar?

I’ll be the honest and you’ve heard this before, but money isn’t happiness. It helps, but it doesn’t mean that affluent people aren’t depressed at times. To be honest, I feel that many people “living the time of their lives” are just putting on a front.


I don’t believe this at all. When I hear people, such as @Frankie, say that she’s here to listen I genuinely believe she wants to sit and listen.

Why do you think people are glamorizing it? I think the opposite, that they are too scared to.

That’s probably an illness on it’s own.

I believe in will power, I really do. However I don’t believe everyone has it nor that it’s the answer for everyone’s illness. There is a science behind it and certain medicines work for different people. I have a buddy that says medicine turned his life around and he couldn’t imagine being without it.


What I said was more how I feel vs. what might actually be the truth.

Sometimes you just don’t want to inconvenience people with your own troubles.


I don’t see people, or the problems they have, as inconveniences.


Of course you don’t, but that doesn’t change the way I or other people feel when they get in their moods. It’s hard, at least for me (but I can’t be alone), to reach out to someone and say, “Hey, I really need to talk.”


I know it’s hard, I just want to make it as easy as possible for people to speak about it.


You’re a bit older (no offense) so you might not understand. By being “broken” and “hurt”, people think they attract others. By being hurt and lost and innocent and depressed, people get victimised, get attention, get relationships etc etc etc. And that’s what upsets me because it shouldn’t be like that[quote=“shaz, post:7, topic:107582”]
That’s probably an illness on it’s own.


The point is he got medicine. He is helping himself. He is making his life better by reaching out for help. People don’t do that and it’s either because they are ashamed or are faking it.


This is what I was talking about with @Frankie, there is definitely a problem with people coming out about it, and I think more public awareness of depression and what it is would help a lot in making sure people get help for it instead of just bottling it up.


I feel like some people are afraid of coming out because they know that perhaps they won’t be diagnosed with it (if that makes sense?). So you say I think I have depression, you go to the doctor and the doctor’s like eh you don’t have it you’re just a stressed teen. And people are afraid of not having it because it’s an attention thing.

However, people that really do have it are also afraid of coming out about it because if stigma and such so I have a complicated view of mental illness. It exists but it’s hard to tell the difference between someone denying help because they want attention for the mental illness or someone denying or not seeking help because they actually are afraid and they are unsure. Does this make sense?


No, I haven’t. I don’t know as to why it happens. When I was in high school, especially senior year, I was very seclusive. There was a good 4-5 month stretch where I didn’t leave my room, which I loved that room. I would go to school, baseball practice/games, and stay home. I found more comfort being alone, reading books(reading about the Kennedy’s, Greeks, Irish, Lincoln were always my go to for comfort) and staying in my room, than I did going out with the most best of friends. I sort of still feel that way.

Mainly the feeling of financial uncertainty.

Definitely. Even without the money problem, the family and more personal issues have had a huge impact on me.

I honestly believe it would buy me happiness.Those who are depressed and have the wealth, I think, only wish they had someone to spend it with or they are just people who could never be satisfied.


I know someone who has really bad depression and who has ended up in hospital multiple times because of it. Partly because of bullying too. Schools don’t tackle bullying enough. It’s disgusting.

I have social anxiety because of my stammer and I absolutely feel horrible when I have to order something. My palms go sweaty, my knees go weak etc. Some days I just cba to go out because if I might have to order something etc

Schools and hospitals need to do more to tackle mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It’s common sense.


I used to be the same with my anxiety, I would never be able to order something. But then I realised that once I ordered what I wanted, I would never have to see that person again. It was reassuring, and if I did embarrass myself, I knew I could walk away. That aspect of my anxiety doesn’t bother me anymore.

I would go and see your doctor about it though. Propanolol is good for combatting the physical symptoms, like shaking/ blushing/ sweating, and sertraline if you need something all the time to calm the anxiety.


After seeing what certain staff members were saying about me where they thought I would not see it I am sure as hell not trusting anyone on this site enough to discuss my problems with them.


Not sure what you’re speaking of but please reach out through a PM and i’ll investigate. This should not be an issue for anyone.