DeskJet 340 Printers

HP DeskJet 340 Printers

HP DeskJet 340

Released in 1995, This is one of the best portable printers of all time, it prints black and white as well as color, you cannot get better than this for basic portable printing, I have used one of these machines for nearly 10 years “6 years” and its been fantastic.

The cartrdiges is primative, however the quality is still good for its age, the colors and the graphics is not as good as today’s inkjets, the graphics is very good considering.

To use color you have to use only one cartridge, this was common among the earlier colir inkjet printers, and the black is dark green, “composite black” and its primative nowa days but back in those days its all we had.

I have used this printer since 2001,I found it at the computer auction house dumpster bin and it was complete still, minus the ink cartridges, I had to purchase new ones, but after 1000+ pages since 2001 it has been a very good machine for laptop use.

It has options like a battery, and Infrared from HP, you can have WiFI for these printers by using 3rd party attachments.

I am still using this printer to this day.


300DPI “Can be enhanced by software”
30 Page Sheet Feeder
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista etc.