Desktop(s) specifications


what beast do you run?

matt, i dont want your list of 15 desktops and 8 laptops, and your 3 servers :booze

j/k, just break it into three different posts, each post with the different types. :smiley:


actually, i only have one working pc :(…

amd sempron 2800+ (socket A)
1 gig Crucial ddr 400 (2 512’s)
gigabyte mobo
9800 pro (currenly broke- waiting on new fan)
cheap black case with antec 350 watt pwsupply & some blue fans
2 40gb hard drives (maxtor diamondmax 7200 rpmsssss)

thats about it really…

how bout you lemon??


oh yeah, i forgot my specs :owned


200mhz pent1
32mb mem
^^ about all i know :smiley:


asustek “p4c800-e deluxe” socket 478
3.0ghz pent4 (1mb L2 cache, 800mhz fsb, hyper-threadin :smiley: )
2 gigs kingston valueram ( 4 x 512 mb ) @ pc3200 dualchannel
bfg asylum fx5200 256mb, oc’d from bfg.
120 gb sata maxtor ( i need more, and im thinking of western digital)
lg cdrw drive
sony 52x cd
floppy drive :D:D
crappy 17 crt, ok for now, but takes too much space
5.1 creative speakers (i think blown center speaker :rock ) with creative soundblaster 5.1 sound card
ernmax case with ernmax 480w powerdriver, 2 fans ( 1 on psu, and case)


-note: not plugged in, nor tested, but cant wait :D:D

abit bp6 dual socket 370
dual celery 433? procs
i filled with the mem banks, but i dont know total amount. 384mb i think
4 ide ports :D:D


well if we are addin in speakers and stuff:

logitech z-580? 4.1 with sub @ 500 watts total power --i think–

17" pro-view lcd monitor = bestthingintheworld

lite-on cdrw/dvd rom
floppy drive


dont really know the specs of my computer. my last computer was pretty good at the time of when i bought it but im using my old one from 2002.


Mine’s a black and silver Emachines that I got from Wal-Mart last year. It has sound and blinking lights. That do it for ya? It’s my baby.




i got mine about 3 years ago, and it was pretty elite then.

768 memory
dual 80 gb hd
dual cd/dvd
5.1 sound
20.1" flat panel LCD
nvidia TI 4600
tv tuner


do you pump your games through the tv tuner? 20.1 inches for a moni is nice


A notebook that i work off of from time to time:

17.1" WUXGA+ Screen 1920 x 1200 Super Glossy Display
Pentium 4 3.6GHz LGA775 800MHz 1M L2 Cache H-T Technology
DVD/CDRW Combo drive
1GB DDR2 400 Mem (2 512)
2 60GB 7200rpm HDD’s
Wireless b/g w/ Bluetooth
XP Pro

256MB Mobile ATI X800 /PCI-Express 16x/ Full Direct X 9.0
7 in 1 Card Reader (SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro, SM, CF, MD)
Four speakers + Sub-woofer
Stereo, S/PDIF digital output 5.1CH/ Realtek Hi Def Audio

Its a notebook that i use at work. I’m running a crappy CTX monitor off of it though cause they used the screen for another unit.


what? pci-expressy in notebooks? damn nice proc too, though, i heard that amd does better for heat in notebooks…



I also heard that too. Centrino based platforms are heard to run pretty damn cool do to lower voltage on the CPU and Wireless cards.

That notebook is really a desktop replacement though. It weighs like 10 lbs. lol Definitely not a notebook made for mobility. Very nice machine though. Never had a problem with it.

Here’s a picture of it

o ya and that’s a built in video camera on the top also lol


eh, its not black and evil enough for a suitable notebook :smiley:

damn 10 pounds? :wtf


black grey and has a lil hp sticky jammy jam on it


Re: RE: desktop(s) specifications


That’s no Hp notebook :rofl