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Im fixing to go to the Dr here in a couple of weeks to get on Adipex diet pills and I’ve heard good things and bad things about this certain diet pill. Anyone ever taken and if so, anything I need to know about it before I go?


I have a diet that is hard but works it’s an ole diet I used when I have to lose wieght when going from football to wresling…it’s a 2 week diet and I have never failed to lose less than 20 pounds


more exercise and 4-5 smaller meals…best diet going…don’t take pills because once you get off the pills you gain the weight right back


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Yeah, thats what Mr Bossman said too. Im just so desperate to lose weight and I dont eat alot, I drink alot of sodas. Thats my main problem.


ok not eating a lot is not good either and soda has to be a no no…you want to have 4-5 small meals through out the day drink pleanty of water and some juices…you know you have drank enough when your urine is clear…you want it to stay clear too…and I know that sucks because your going to be peeing a lot but thats healthy…in the morning and before you go to bed do sit ups and any other exercise your comfortable with…you also want to get out and jog/walk/run/bike/rollerblade something to get your heart rate going…you should do that for atleast 30 minutes because it takes abotu that long for your body to start burning the stored fat…now you will see immediate loss prolly 5-10lbs if you stick to it but then there will be a short period where your weight will not change and you might even gain a pound or 2 back…don’t be discouraged by this…all that is, is your body building up muscle where it was just fat before…after your body builds its muscles back up the rest of the fat will mealt away…you just have to have the will power to stick with it…and I know I know…yeah but bacon your not the smallest of guys…I know this…I’m just too lazy to do this myself…I do just enough to keep myself from blowing up…if someone thinks I’m wrong please step in and tell me otherwise…but that is the way that actual fitness buffs explained it to me…even naval doctors


if you go that route then 6 meals a day so your metabilizem stays high,as with a wt lifting program to build muscle mass so your burn even more calories at night…boxing is a great way to work out, as is karate


I hate to say it because it looks corny when your doing it but tai bo is great…


eat more smaller meals as stated above to speed metabolism, and i also like to have a lot of sex to burn those extra few calories.


Yeah, shes got the tapes but she never has time to do them. I advised her against the pills. I know what they do to you from experience. I was an even 260 I took Adipex for about 6 month and got back down to 230 but once I stopped taking them I ballooned up to 285 and havent been able to get below that without them again. Not only that but the pills did something to my stomach and now I get heartbur VERY easily.


oh yeah sex is actualy one of the best exercises next to swimming so if you want to get any pills get bossman some viagra and abuse the hell outta him…I’m sure he wont mind


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:funnah :funnah Yeah right!!! That would require my efforts. At least it had better. :dunno


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[quote=Mrs Behavin]Im fixing to go to the Dr here in a couple of weeks to get on Adipex diet pills and I’ve heard good things and bad things about this certain diet pill. Anyone ever taken and if so, anything I need to know about it before I go?[/quote]i was takeing Phentermine 37.5 MG i was told they work the best and are the strongest out there, take 2 and you’ll clean your whole house, but if you really want to loose wait fast go on the atkins diet i know people that have droped 40 pounds in a month , in fact i just started it last week, the first 2 weeks are the hardest and you have to like alot of meat,and going with out alot of carbs can be tuff on some, if i can help let me know. :rock


I was gonna do the Opitfast diet where you go to the Dr once a week and every week you go they do lab work on you and you eat and drink nothing but shakes and nutrition bars but that diet is not covered by health insurance and its $100.00 every week plus you gotta pay for your shakes and nutrition bars. As to where the Adipex diet pills, all I gotta do is pay my $15.00 co-pay and then pay for the pills.


pills dont make you loose weight eating healthy and excerciseing(rofl @ my spelling) does


Phentermine does work good!! I havent heard of the other.


you still have to work out and get proper exercise…relying on pills alone will get you know where


so ub, that post you made up that ways, about the 4-5 small meals aday and such, thats the ticket?

cuz i need to loose some weight and tone up some…



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small meals and lots of exercise!


and thats all you need to begin with 4-5 small meals and lots of exercise…you don’t need the pills…all the pills do is supress your appatite and fill you up with a butt load of caffine…when you get off them you feel like crap and you start eating like a champ again…